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Clash Royale’s new Royal Wild Chest

What’s inside the brand-new chest and how do you get one?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:08 pm
Clash Royale’s new Royal Wild Chest

The Royal Wild Chest is a new chest in Clash Royale that came with the Champions update. It has just been announced on the Clash Royale Twitter feed that the Royal Wild Chest is now available as part of the free Pass Royale! This means every player can get their hands on this valuable chest. There are a couple of ways to open your own Royal Wild Chest, so let’s take a look at just how to get one.

What is the Clash Royale Royal Wild Chest?

clash royale next royal wild chest

As with other chests in the mobile tower defence game, the Royal Wild Chest will include a ton of Wild Cards (in fact, all of them!) and Gold. However, the most valuable part of this new chest is that players of King Level 14 and above will also receive a guaranteed Champion! As such, it offers a greater value of contents than even the Epic or Legendary Chests.

What are Champions?

Champions are the newest card rarity and have recently been released as part of the Champions season. There are three champions; the Golden Knight, Skeleton King and Archer Queen. Players above KL 14 will therefore receive one of these three Champion types upon opening a new Royal Wild Chest.

Champions 2

How can you get a Royal Wild Chest?

The Royal Wild Chest is not only available as part of the free track of the Pass Royale, but it will also appear in your standard Chest Cycle as you defeat opponents and win battles. What this means is that, as you progress through the season, you will eventually be rewarded with a Royal Wild Chest.

What is a Chest Cycle in Clash Royale?

The Chest Cycle is the order in which you receive chests upon winning battles. The type of Chest isn’t rewarded at random, so the cycle is what determines which Chest type you will get next.

Royale API is a site which, while not directly affiliated with Supercell, has been recommended by Supercell as a way of finding out where you are in the Chest Cycle. You can therefore use Royale API to find out exactly how many more battles you need to win in order to receive this exciting new Royal Wild Chest.

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