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What do Star Levels Do In Clash Royale?

Star Levels have changed recently, but do you need to bother with them?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:26 pm
What do Star Levels Do In Clash Royale?

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Star Levels are a big thing in Clash Royale and they have been around since 2018 but there has been a change in the new update that has just landed. Let’s have a look. So if you want a deck of cards that are flashing and glowing and just prove you are the boss when you play, Star Points are essential.

How do you get Star Points in Clash Royale?

In the latest update, Star Points will now unlock at KL 6. You still start accumulating Star Points at KL 1 but you can’t start spending them now until KL 6. You can earn Star Points by donating and upgrading your cards. Star Levels will unlock depending on the level of your cards.

When max level cards are bought from the in-game shop they are transformed into Star Points. Collecting max-level cards from chests or quests or even trading will award you Star Points as well as gold.

What do Star Points do in Clash Royale?

Well, that’s the big question, so let’s see what’s changed. Star points allow you to bling up your cards after you reach level 6. You can see how to get Star Points below and find out how quickly you will be able to make your cards look even better than before. Cards with Star points have things such as particle effects and the characters might be dressed in clothing made of gold, with gold weaponry and so on.

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Star Levels in Clash Royale

  • Star Level 1 unlocks for Cards at level 7
  • Star Level 2 unlocks for Cards at level 10
  • Star Level 3 unlocks for Cards at level 13

Do Star Levels matter?

Star levels are purely cosmetic in Clash Royale and have no effect on interactions. This may change in the future, but as yet nothing has been announced.

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