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Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Everything You Need to Know

COD Mobile Season 9 is here, and we have the deets on our undead friends.

Updated: Oct 17, 2022 5:39 pm
Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Everything You Need to Know

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 is here, and it’s one hell of a shift for the game.

A long-awaited game mode has finally made a comeback, and with any luck, it’ll be with us for a while yet.

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Of course, that’s not the only thing that has changed about COD MObile in Season 9.

Read on to discover all of the new content that you can get your hands on with Call of Duty Mobile Season 9.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 – Zombies are Back!

COD MObile Season 9 Screenshot

By far, the most exciting part of Season 9 is the return of Zombies Classic mode. This mode sees you and several friends face off against wave after wave of zombies who threaten to overrun your position. As time goes by, you unlock more of the map and can buy and upgrade various weapons.

This time around, the only map available to play on is Shi No Numa, a classic zombies map that was originally DLC for World at War in 2009. You’ll have the option of a regular mode, a hardcore mode, and an endless mode. The Regular mode has you just surviving, Hardcore gives you an objective, and Endless is just a continuous fight against the horde with no end in sight.

Unfortunately, it seems like Shi No Numa is the only zombies map that is planned for an appearance. Still, it’s nice to at least get something different to try out on the app for a change outside of random new modes.

Call of Duty Mobiles Season 9 – New Maps and Events

As well as the return of COD Zombies, we’ve also got a new multiplayer map making an appearance. Haunted Hacienda will be in the map rotation throughout the course of Season 9, taking advantage of the season’s spooky connotations to their fullest.

There’s also the new themed event, Haunted Voyage, that sees you and other players collecting coins as you play Battle Royale or Multiplayer matches. You can then spend these coins on different candy treats that can be turned into awesome new rewards like skins and weapons.

There’s also the regular in-game event which will go on throughout the season. This event changes pretty regularly, but right now, it’s all about ‘Fun in the Sun’ (in October?) which gives you a chance to unlock the new Stun Gun Underbarrel attachment for the Pharo SMG.

Season 9 In Skins

As with pretty much every previous COD Mobile season, Season 9 also brings along a bunch of new weapon and operator skins. The theme this time is all about making things spooky, so right now you can get your hands on a new skin for Maxis called Death Veil. You can also get a pirate skin for Zero, called – Dark Sails which is an awesome addition.

Check out a list of some of the best new stuff in the game blow:

  • Zero – Dark Sails
  • Merc 5 – Sea Monsters
  • Jui Ji – Sapporo Stealth
  • UCR-1 – Death Ahoy
  • AGR 556 – Ghostly Ships
  • Backpack – Anchors Away
  • Parachute – Pirates in the Shadows
  • Tentacle Soldier
  • Clown – Pirates in the Shadows
  • M13 – Deep Sea Creature

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 FAQs

When does Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 start?

COD Mobile Season 9 started on October 15th 2022.

What new features are in COD Mobile Season 9?

Zombies have been bought back for the first time in ages, bringing the classic Shi No Numa map onto mobile.

There’s also a lot of horror-themed skins for various operators and weapons, and a slew of seasonal challenges to keep you entertained no matter how scary it gets outside.

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