Cookie Clicker Steam Mods: How to get Cookie Clickers mods for PC

What we know on the Cookie Clicker Steam Mods

Cookie Clicker Steam Mods
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Cookie Clicker is back with a vengeance. The popular mobile game from 2013 has made its way to Steam and is one of Steam’s most popular games at the moment. Since the game has moved over to Steam PC, many are wondering if there are mods available. Well, the answer to that is yes. There are Steam Mods available for the idle game port, but there is no Steam workshop at the minute. Here is how to get Cookie Clicker Steam mods.

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How to get Cookie Clicker Steam Mods

A Reddit user called U/Klatmose has revealed that some of the old mods that work for the mobile version of the game work for the Steam Cookie Clicker version too. There is some level of fiddling to do before they work, but once when they are in the mod manager of the game itself, they are good to go. You can see the mod download by following the link above to the actual Reddit thread.

To install your Cookie Clicker Steam Mods, simply extract the mods to your mod directory. The mod directory is in the install location based on your Steam’s directory. Your directory could look like this ‘c:/user/program_files/steam/steamapps/common/Cookie Clicker/resources\app\mods\local’. The Cookie Clicker Steam Mods are turned off by default. But, don’t worry, you can turn on these mods yourself in the game’s options while you have the game loaded.

Cookie Monster Steam

The popular Cookie Clicker Cookie Monster mod is reportedly working for Cookie Clicker, depending on which one you install you can run into issues. Some versions do not work with the Steam erosion, however, there is one that works. The only issue with this one is that it will disable Steam achievements while you play with this Cookie Clicker Steam mod turned on. Although, there is some good news. If you restart your game and turn off the addon and head back into your Cookie Monster save, you can get the Steam Achievements that never popped up with the Cookie Monster mod turned on.

If you would prefer to do some modifications yourself, you can enter an input line in the files txt. If you input “AllowSteamAchievs”: 1 in the mod’s txt file, it will allow you to earn steam achievements while the mod is active. It’s a fairly easy change to make yourself if you would rather do this one time change that will save so much more stress later down the line.

Cookie Clicker Steam Workshop

As it currently stands, there is no Steam Workshop for Cookie Clicker. The game only launched on September 1, so there is some updating to come. In the meantime, you will have to keep your eyes on the Steam guide section or on Reddit to find if your favourite mods are ported to Steam.

This concludes the Cookie Clicker Steam Mods article. The game you love playing all those years ago will come still works and plays largely the same as it once did back in the day.