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Cookie Run Kingdom Characters

Updated: Apr 21, 2023 6:04 pm
Cookie Run Kingdom Characters

Cookie Run Kingdom has 96 characters with different rarities. The higher the rarity, the more difficult it is to get that character, but it also means the characters are going to be better. These characters have different classes and positions. In this Cookie Run Kingdom, we have listed all the characters.

Cookie Run Kingdom Characters
Image by Cookie Run Kingdom

Below are tables for each rarity character in Cookie Run Kingdom with their class and position. Here is a breakdown of these tables.

  1. Common Cookies: 7 characters
  2. Rare Cookies: 13 characters
  3. Epic Cookies: 56 characters
  4. Super Epic Cookies: 5 characters
  5. Ancient Cookies: 5 characters (including 2 unreleased)
  6. Legendary Cookies: 4 characters
  7. Unreleased Legendary Cookies: 5 characters

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Common Cookies

Muscle CookieChargeFront
Strawberry CookieDefenseFront
Wizard CookieMagicMiddle
Beet CookieRangedRear
Ninja CookieAmbushRear
Angel CookieHealingRear

Rare Cookies

Princess CookieChargeFront
Avocado CookieDefenseFront
Knight CookieDefenseFront
Blackberry CookieMagicRear
Devil CookieMagicMiddle
Adventurer CookieAmbushMiddle
Pancake CookieAmbushRear
Alchemist CookieBomberMiddle
Cherry CookieBomberRear
Gumball CookieBomberRear
Carrot CookieSupportMiddle
Onion CookieSupportMiddle
Clover CookieSupportRear
Custard CookieHealingRear

Epic Cookies

Dark Choco CookieChargeFront
Purple Yam CookieChargeFront
Werewolf CookieChargeFront
Kumiho CookieChargeFront
Red Velvet CookieChargeFront
Raspberry CookieChargeFront
Mala Sauce CookieChargeFront
Tea Knight CookieChargeFront
Crunchy Chip CookieChargeFront
Space Doughnut CookieChargeFront
Milky Way CookieChargeFront
Madeleine CookieDefenseFront
Milk CookieDefenseFront
Strawberry Crepe CookieDefenseFront
Moon Rabbit CookieDefenseFront
Cocoa CookieDefenseFront
Wildberry CookieDefenseFront
Financier CookieDefenseFront
Licorice CookieMagicMiddle
Snow Sugar CookieMagicMiddle
Espresso CookieMagicMiddle
Latte CookieMagicMiddle
Mango CookieMagicMiddle
Squid Ink CookieMagicMiddle
Pumpkin Pie CookieMagicMiddle
Macaron CookieMagicMiddle
Blueberry Pie CookieMagicMiddle
Rye CookieRangedRear
Tiger Lily CookieRangedRear
Pastry CookieRangedRear
Twizzly Gummy CookieRangedRear
Caramel Arrow CookieRangedFront
Chili Pepper CookieAmbushMiddle
Vampire CookieAmbushRear
Black Raisin CookieAmbushMiddle
Sorbet Shark CookieAmbushMiddle
Cherry Blossom CookieAmbushRear
Poison Mushroom CookieBomberMiddle
Affogato CookieBomberMiddle
Captain Caviar CookieBomberMiddle
Pinecone CookieBomberFront
Prune Juice CookieBomberMiddle
Mint Choco CookieSupportRear
Pomegranate CookieSupportMiddle
Almond CookieSupportRear
Cream Puff CookieSupportRear
Fig CookieSupportMiddle
Lilac CookieSupportMiddle
Parfait CookieSupportRear
Prophet CookieSupportRear
Cotton CookieSupportRear
Eclair CookieSupportMiddle
Candy Diver CookieSupportRear
Herb CookieHealingRear
Sparkling CookieHealingRear
Cream Unicorn CookieHealingRear
Carol CookieHealingRear

Super Epic Cookies

Capsaicin CookieChargeFront
Clotted Cream CookieMagicMiddle
Sherbet CookieRangedMiddle
Stardust CookieAmbushMiddle
Oyster CookieSupportRear

Ancient Cookies

Pure Vanilla CookieHealingRear
Hollyberry CookieDefenseFront
Dark Cacao CookieChargeFront

Unreleased Ancient Cookies

Golden Cheese Cookie (unreleased)UnknownRear
White Lily Cookie (unreleased)UnknownRear

Legendary Cookies

Sea Fairy CookieBomberMiddle
Frost Queen CookieMagicMiddle
Black Pearl CookieAmbushMiddle
Moonlight CookieMagicMiddle

Unreleased Legendary Cookies

Fire Spirit Cookie UnknownUnknown
Wind Archer Cookie (unreleased)UnknownUnknown
Millennial Tree Cookie (unreleased)UnknownUnknown
Dark Enchantress Cookie (unreleased)UnknownUnknown

Cookie Run Kingdom Characters FAQs

How many chracters are in Cookie Run Kingdom?

There are currently 96 characters we know of in Cookie Run Kingdom, including the unreleased ones.

What are the best Cookie Run Kingdom characters?

There are no one or ten best characters, it all boils down to your needs, playstyle, and the character’s rarity and role to fulfill that.

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