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What are the Core Keeper Biomes?

Here is a look at the Biomes in Core Keeper.

Updated: Jun 15, 2022 2:00 pm
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Core Keeper is the latest indie survival game, featuring a solid combination of Terraria and Valheim-themed gameplay. In terms of its connection to Valheim, Copoe Keeper draws inspiration from Valheims through its world bosses, and biomes. As you explore the game, you will stumble upon a variety of biomes in Core Keeper, each fitted with different enemies, resources and of course a boss.

As it stands, there are only four major biomes in Core Keeper. There are the:

  • The Undergrounds
  • Clay Caves
  • Forgotten Ruins
  • Azeos Wilderness
  • Sunken Sea

However, there is likely going to be more added to the game in the future. The Core Keeper early access roadmap indicates that three new biomes are guaranteed to launch sometime in the game’s future.

The first major update should include a Sunken Sea Biome, a biome with water-themed mechanics and new content. Whatever that may be, however, is not exactly yet known. The second update should also centre on a desert-themed biome, with more information coming in the future. Finally, there is a Crystal biome and information that too, is TBD.

We will update the article when we get more information on the next major updates for Core Keeper.

How do Core Keeper’s Biomes work?

Core Keeper Biomes Forgoten Ruins
The Forgotten Ruins is the third biome in Core Keeper.

When you start a new world the map will procedurally generate. The result of it is that you always start at the Core, a place that is always located at the centre of the map in the default biome. This biome is known as The Undergrounds, a dirt-filled section of the cave system, that also contains sand and water. The enemies in the area are typically Slimes, along with Larvae when you start making your way to the edge of the biomes. It is also worth mentioning the First boss of the game, the Slime Boss is located in this biome, normally quite close to the Core.

The next Core Keeper biome you will encounter is the Clay Caverns. This is normally found on the outer edges of the Jnergrounds Biome, the one you start off in. It distinctly looks different from the default area thanks to its clay-coloured walls and floors. Here, you will more than likely encounter more Larvae enemies, and the Hive Mother will be knocking around in this zone too. You may also encounter Ghorm, who is a giant beetle devourer worm thing that tends to follow a giant cavern.

The other biome in Core Keeper is the Forgotten Ruins. This area is marked with a white and grey color scheme, indicating its stone walls and colder biome compared to the others. This area is where you’re going to farm Iron, which is a nice way of creating good base items, armor, weapons and more,

The final biome in the game is the Azeos Wilderness. This biome is a nature-themed one, which was added to Core Keeper’s Alpha back in the summer of 2021. This biome is more nature-themed and contains the end game materials you can get right now. However, to access this biome, you need to kill the first three bosses in the game. There is a magical barrier that prevents you from crossing into the biome until the three bosses have been taken down.

This concludes this Core Keeper Biomes guide. If you like this guide, why not check out the WePC Core Keeper hub, which we are fitting out with guides to help you with the game. 

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