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Core Keeper Scarlet guide: How to get Scarlet ore and more

We teach you how to get scarlet ore in Core Keeper along with why you want to mine it

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 1:49 pm
Core Keeper Scarlet Guide

Have you just made yourself an Iron Workbench and now you’re being told you need Scarlet for most of the craft. Yeah, us too. Well, it turns out that the Scarlet ore is the fourth tier of metal you can get your hands on in Core Keeper. Here we teach you how to get Scarlett Ore in Core Keeper along with what the material is used for.

How to get Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper

Core Keeper Drill Setup
Drills help to mine Scarlet ore too.

Unlike most ores in the game, this ore is not directly accessible to players straight away. The ore is located in the Azeos Wilderness, which is the fourth biome in the game. The only way to get into the biome is by beating the three bosses. Otherwise, the wall is not bypassable.  So, get round to finishing up Glurch, Ghorm and the Hive Mother, and then you’re ready to advance.

Once when all the bosses are dead and you have activated the three shrines in the Core, you can then take down the wall. Follow the game’s instructions and then find the wall. You should then find the wall is gone and you can enter the Azeos Wilderness.

Onceisdie, you’re looking for a red ore in the walls of the zone, just like other ores in the game. You can also look for chunks of red on the ground, indicating Scarlet ore deposits that require a drill site. However, you’re going to need a lot of scarlet before then, as you need it to craft an automation bench, which is where you make the drill, and then another ten for the drill itself.

What is Scarlet Ore used for?

Scarlet Ore is an important resource for taking on end game foes. As mentioned, Scarlet Ore plays an important part in building drills and other automation services. Also, it helps you to make really good armor in the game, along with weapons, tools and other goodies. You’re going to need to make a lot of these items if you plan on taking on the Azeos Wilds’ bosses and preparing to enter some of the new zones still to come in Core Keeper.

This concludes our Core Keeper Scarlet ore guide. For more guides, why not check out the Core Keeper hub on the website in case you’re looking for more content?

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