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How to get Iron in Core Keeper

We teach you everything you need to know about Iron in Core Keeper.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 1:49 pm
How to get Iron in Core Keeper

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Are you working your way through the Core Keeper technology, crafting items, and now you’re at the point you need Iron? Well, Iron is a resource that is important for taking on badder foes thanks to huge armor buffs and tool buffs, along with being a needed component in plenty of late-game items. Here is a guide on Core Keeper Iron featuring everything you need to know.

How to get Iron in Core Keeper

Core Keeper Drill Setup
You can drill iron when you beat the three bosses

The main method you acquire Iron in Core Keeper is through the Forgotten Ruins biome. Like copper and tin, the resource can be mined from the surfaces of stone walls, alongside gold. When you start exploring the Forgotten Ruins, you can see the ore twinkling in the darkness just like any other ore on a wall surface.

In addition, the ore can also be found in the ruins of the Cavelings. The stone pots you can shatter can occasionally drop the ore, alongside the NPCS. If you find the Hive areas in the clay biome you can occasionally find them in the pink sacks as well.

Once you beat all three bosses, you can also find Iron ore from chunks. Throughout the world, you can find iron deposits on the floor, which you need a drill to extract its ore. For a guide on making and using a drill, you check our drill guide on how to set them up. But, for early to mid-game players, this isn’t a factor.

What do you use Iron for?

You’re going to want to collect quite a lot of iron as it is an important part of making iron tools. Moreso, you’re going to need the iron to create all the tables that will come in handy later in the game. The reason why is because iron bars are a key ingredient for creating an electrical system in the game. These automation tools all help you, especially when you get round to creating multiple drill sites. 

You can also craft yourself a nice selection of jewellery and other content, so, all in all, iron is one of the best ways to really tech up and prepare for the final biomes and bosses in the game.

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