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Core Keeper Slime Boss Guide – How to kill Glurch the Abominable Mass

Here is a guide on how to beat Core Keeper's Slime Boss

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 1:37 pm
Core Keeper Slime Boss Guide – How to kill Glurch the Abominable Mass

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Core Keeper’s Slime Boss is the first boss in the game, which is surprisingly difficult. For those who are braving the first boss, here is a guide on how to beat Glurch, the Abominable Mass.

How to beat the Core Keeper Slime Boss

Since the maps are procedurally generated, you are going to want to do some exploring before you find the boss. Don’t worry, though; Glurch, the Abominable Mass, is normally not too far away from The Core when you venture off. You can typically hear the boss jumping up and down, making loud noises as an indicator you are getting closer to its location. Upon finding the boss, you can manoeuvre relatively close to the boss before it aggroes you. So, don’t worry about it if it’s in an awkward space.

Once you’ve found the boss, it’s then up to you how to kill it. You can make it as hard as you want by preparing as little or as much as you desire. Although, we recommend the following tips to beat the Core Keeper Slime Boss for those who want to prepare, especially hardcore characters.

Crafting and scavenging your gear

Core Keeper Food Buff
Yummy tummy

We highly recommend exploring first, farming a lot of copper ore and using it to make a copper armor set and a copper sword. You can easily get your hands on a copper sword if you chose the fighter class on character creation. Doing this is going to cost you at minimum 36 copper bars to craft the three pieces of armor. You may need more depending on if you need to craft a copper sword and a copper pick to make mining easier.

While travelling, we recommend breaking down any wooden storages boxes you find. You may come across items, such as the Crude Bombs, which do anywhere between 106-128 explosive damage. This will come in handy when you need some extra firepower against the boss.

We also recommend making a cooking pot, which requires two wood and six copper bars (on top of the 36 other copper bars you need). It allows you to combine various food items to make a recipe. You will create various food sources that restore your hunger, HP per second, and provide unique buffs. Moreso, filling your food bar is great, as you can get 5% increased health, movement speed, and damage as long as you have an almost filled hunger bar.

As for a specific food recipe to make, we recommend the Glowing Berry Pudding, which increases max health by 25 for five minutes and restores 2.8 HP every second for 20 seconds. As you can see, this is a great food buff for combat. You need one Glowing Tulip and one Hearty Berry to craft one. Stock up on these for the actual boss battle.

Core Keeper Slime Boss strategy

Now you have your gear and your food; it’s time to take on Core Keeper’s Slime Boss. Before engaging the boss, we recommend picking up the slime off the floor. Ground Slime slows your movement speed, so clear that up before fighting the boss as it could spell disaster straight away.

Moreso, you want to create a wide room so you can effectively kite the boss. The boss does a long-range leap, similar to how the regular slimes work. However, the difference is the boss hits very hard, and also destroys structures, including map walls. In addition, every time it jumps, it will leave behind slime. If the boss drops near other sources of slime, it will not spawn another batch. This means you can create pathways for you to kite the boss around, hence why movement speed buffs are crucial for the fight.

Whenever the boss lands, you can swing your weapon at it. You should be able to land two swings from your weapon before needing to kite Glurch, The Abominable Mass’ next jump attack. Rinse and repeat. Also, throw some of those Crude Bombs or other throwable item. Don’t forget to eat to maintain those nice food buffs for being Well Fed as running and fighting deplete that meter rather fast.

Ranged strategy

If you’re up for using a ranged weapon, then you can find the boss is easy to beat. All you need to do is kite the boss and keep hitting it with ranged weapons to take it down.

Simply kite the boss around the room and use your slingshot, bow and arrow, or whatever ranged weapon you have and whittle it down. This is the easiest way of killing the boss as it means you are less likely to die fighting the Core Keeper Slime Boss.

Now that you have an idea of how to beat the boss, we wish you the best of luck with the encounter.

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