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Core Keeper Slime Guide: Farming, fighting & uses

Here is a guide on how to use Slimes in Core Keeper

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 1:38 pm
Core Keeper Slime Guide: Farming, fighting & uses

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Core Keeper is the indie survival game that is all the hype right now. Those who are giving the game a go will come across their first enemy in the Core Keeper, which are slimes. Slimes are a very important part of the game, with their presence, loot and spawning playing a role in the game’s early difficulty and economy. We will guide you through  Core Keeper Slime enemies and give you all the information you need to know.

Core Keeper: Fighting and Looting Slimes Guide

Core Keeper Slimes Guide
The red and pointy slimes don’t like you very much.

The first thing you’re going to need to know is that Slimes are the first enemies you will come across. They are not too challenging either, which is good news. Most of the slimes you come across at the start of the game are actually neutral, marked with their standard orange blobbing bodies gleefully jumping around the caves. However, there are ones with spiked edges rather than blobby goodness, and they will attack you if you get a few blocks close to them.

When you do end up fighting Core Keeper’s Slimes, there is a tactic you’re going to want to know. These mobs tend to have a wind-up attack, where they’ll lunge at your position. When they lunge you can easily sidestep them and avoid any damage. If you do take damage, the very basic character can survive around three hits before they die. Note, you will find this is the skill move of the Slime Boss, which you can use a similar strategy to beat.

Upon killing a Slime on Core Keeper, you can get several rewards. One of them is an actual Slime item. When you start making more advanced items, this item can be used and processed into items. So, stack up on them as they come in useful.

The other item from Slimes in Core Kepper is Heart Berry Seeds. These are quite nice, as they are likely the first source of setting up an early food farm in the cave. This is going to be important for food buffing your character and staying alive while you’re trapped in the caves.

Core Keeper’s Slime as a crafting reagent

What does Slimes do, you may ask? The answer is quite a lot. The Alchemy Lab is an important part of the Slimes puzzle. You can make the Tin Workbench and then the Alchemy Lab. You can use these and various farming materials to create potions, with Slimes being useful in almost all the potions.

Three Slimes and three Hearth Berrys make a Healing Potion, while thee slimes and larvae meat make enrage potions. You can even make bombs out of slimes using Bomb Peppers. These items will be useful for clearing out a variety of enemies, easily clearing caves, and healing the midst of combat.

How to farm Slimes in Core Keeper

As you can see, Slimes are very useful; so, how do you farm them effectively? Throughout the world of caves in Core Keeper, you will come across a variety of slime rooms. Slimes can only spawn in rooms covered in ground slime, a specific type of slime item. When you kill a slime, it will eventually respawn as long as there is a large gloop of slime in a small area.

You can use this to your advantage if you need to farm Slimes. You can either keep a mental note of a large slime area, or you can pick it up using a shovel. Right-click the slime floor using the shovel, and you can pick up the slime floor and place the inventory. You can then place it on your Hotbar and then deploy it on a floor of your choice. 

What this allows you to do is make your own slime room. Clear out a large section of the cave, make an entrance and then place a door and keep those devils in a room. That way, you can come back later, and you should have your own slime farm, ready for harvesting.

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