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Core Keeper Sunken Sea Guide: Everything you need to know

Here is everything you need to know about the new Core Keeper Sunken Sea update.

Updated: Jun 16, 2022 3:54 pm
Core Keeper Sunken Sea Update

The first major post-early access launch has arrived. Players are now heading to a whole new biome called the Sunken Sea, which adds an all-new aquatic biome filled with watery-themed items and more. The new biome update is akin to the Azeos Wilds expansion, so there’s plenty to dig into. Below we will give you an idea of everything added in the new Core Keeper Sunken Sea update

Core Keeper: Sunken Sea update and what to expect

Before you head out to the new biome, you first need to find where it is on your map. The core will tell you where it is if you have finished the other areas of the game. After that, you’re going to need to head in that direction, come across the sea, and then start sailing. You will find plenty of new items and some other goodies here. 

Before you can sail to the new biome, you need to have killed the first three bosses, and have visited the Azeos Wilderness as you need some Scarlett items to proceed.

How to make a boat in Core Keeper

To get to the new biome, you are going to need a boat. To make a boat, you need to have been active in the Azeos WIlderness as you need a Scarlett bench to get the Boat Workbench. Build the Boat bench by using 15 Planks and 15 Scarlett Ore.

To get planks, you need to put wood into a Table Saw, which you build from electronic benches. Place it next to a generator or connect a wire to it to produce electricity to activate the table saw. You can then insert your wood and begin making planks. You may want to get a wood farm going if you haven’t already.

Now that you’re producing planks, you can check what other items you need to make our boat. In total, you need 50 Wooden Planks, along with 50 Scarlett Bars and 20 Mechanical Parts.

There is also a second boat in the game called the Speeder. It is a green quality boat, which has a significant speed increase. However, this requires 60 Coral Planks, 120 Octarine Bars, 30 Gold Bars, and 30 Mechanical Parts. You can also get some coral items from the Sunken Sea biome that increase sailing speed. You can get Cortal Planks from the new pink wood in the zone, and the new Octarine Bars come from Octarine Ore, found in the walls of the new biome.

Core Keeper Omoroth the Sea Titan: the new boss

Core Keeper Omoroth the Sea Titan
Image via Fireshrine / Pugstorm

Like all bosses, you can make a scanner that detects the location of the boss. Head back to your core, and you can make the scanner. The scanner required 10x Ancient Gemstones, 10x Mechanical Parts and 15x Sea Shells. You get the Sea Shells by exploring the Sunken Sea biome naturally. Once you have the item, you should get a big red boss marker on the map indicating where it is.

You also need to craft yourself an Expert Lure, which is found from the same interaction as the Azeos spawner. The Expert Lure requires one Purple Bait, 30 Spicy Bait, 30 Sweet Bait, 30 Glowing Bait, 30 Octarine Bars, and 10 Ancient Gemstones. Purple Bait is a n item you can purchase from the new Fisherman trader, which you get from killing Azeos if you did not already kill him. If you have killed him in a previous patch, you need to kill him again, get the new item and make a new bedroom. You can then get the other baits through the new bait workbench.

Once you arrive at the boss’s spawn room, you need to then fish the boss up using a fishing rod and the Expert Lure. It will then spawn the boss, and it will become active and fight you. As the fight progresses, he will spawn watery tornadoes from its position while spawning purple tentacles around its outer radius to attack those trying to dodge the tornadoes. You can kill the tentacles, as they have around 2k hp.

This boss will also keep jumping between the different fishing spots in the boss room. So, you will need to sial around the room quite a lot. We recommend using a ranged weapon, such as the new Bubble Gun or, ideally, the Scholar’s staff you get from the new caveling enemies. Keep some potions on you and then you can reliably heal if you get hit by anything.

Omoroth Helm34 max health, 17 armor, 5.5% damage, 1.7% melee and range attack speed.
Omoroth Necklace7 armor, 5% dodge chance, 7.1% damage, 10% mining damage, 3.5% movement speed, 4 glow.
Omoroth’s Ring13% damage to booses, 3 life on hit.

When you kill Omoroth, you get a new Omoroth armor set, which other big health and armor increase, along with a ring that increases damage to bosses. As for the set bonus, it grants 21.1% armor while adjacent to water.

Morpha the Aquatic Mass

Morpha the Aquatic Mass is a side boss in the Sunken Sea biome. Like Omoroth, you can craft a scanner to detect it using, Ancient Gemstones, 10 mechanical Parts and 90 Slippery Slime. You can get the slippery Slime from the new blue slime enemy found in the biome, especially in the new Forlon Metropolis mini biome found with the Sunken Sea.

When we know more about the boss we will update the article.

New Items and weapons

There are plenty of new items added with the Core Keeper Sunken Sea update. We have added the ones we believe to be the most interesting or significant. Moreso, there’s even more flavour, white quality items added to the game, which you can wear, just like the caveling or wooden armors from the other biomes. Below are the items we think you will want to know about, whether you’re still on other zones or heading into the Sunken Sea biome yourself.

Also, you will need to kill Azeos again to get the new items from that boss and get the new vendor items that come with it. 

ItemStatsLoot location
Scholar’s StaffBlue staff item. 200-244 range damage, 1 attack per second and +26.8% range damageDrops from Caveling Scholars / Mages
Bubble Gun91-111 damage, 2.5 attacks per second, 35% chance to apply slippery movement Crabs
Conch Sell NecklaceEpic Necklace with 25 ma health, 14 armor and 8% dodge chanceLooted from the giant conch shell that you can find it blocked off caves in the Sunken Sea Biome.
Turtle ShellEpic off-hand shield – 32 armor, 9% reduced damage from bosses.Looted from the giant sea turtle statue you can find in the Sunken Sea Biome.
Tentacle WhipGreen melee weapon  – 224-272 melee damage and 1.7 attacks per second.Drops from the pink tentacle enemies in the Sunken Sea biome.
Spine RingEpic Ring. Provides 28% damage against bossesFound on the skeleton of a giant ocean creature. It looks like it drops from the giant sea serpent remains.
Coral Amulet11% boat speedRandom drops throughout the biome, including chests.
Coral Ring45 max health and 6% boat speed.Dropped in coral chests and other elite areas of the Sunken Sea.
Anchor Axe243-295 melee damage, 1.7 attacks per second, 31% crit damage and 57% knockback chanceDrops in chests from the caveling biome, especially from the new caveling enemies.

There is also the new Octarine armor you can craft along with new Octarine tools, all of which stem from the Octarine workbench and associated blocks like the anvil. There are also some new Polished jewellery items in the game you can make.

Fishing update

If you have finished the Azeos WIld, there should be a new merchant you can get, which offers items as part of a set bonus, such as the new Neptune Necklace. It’s a new fishing set that helps over the fishing mechanics. In addition, there are new baits, which you can collect, each offering different off-hand bonuses.

The baits include

  • Purple bait – 21% chance to get higher quality fish to bite.
  • Red bait – fish bite 8% faster and 6% closer to reel in.
  • Green bait – 7% faster bite and chance to get a fish on the hook.

These baits can be earned through the new fishing trader, and there are more baits you can craft at a bait workbench, which you make via the new Octarine Workbench. These new baits are needed for crafting the new item to summon the new biome bosses. They simply require plant food to make, such as a Bomb Pepper to make the Spicy Bait, and the Sweet Bait from Heart Berries. Note, these baits also increase your fishing lure speed, and other nice buffs to help you with the improved fishing mechanic.

Core Keeper Portals

Core Keeper Portals
Image via Fireshrine / Pugstorm.

Portals are a new feature in Core Keeper. These portals can help you teleport throughout the world to other destinations. You can create portals by spending 100 Copper Bars, 100 Iron Bars, 100 Octarine Bars, 200 Coral Planks, 20 Mechanical Parts, and 30x Ancient Gemstones at an Octarine Workbench.

Once you create a portal, it will take around 20 minutes of real-time to activate. Once they are activated, you will then be able to teleport to them using another portal gate. Simply walk up to a portal and interact with it to open the portal gate map, find a portal, and then teleport to it.

This about rounds up all the major features in the New Core Keeper Sunken Sea update. Good luck out there in the new Sunken Sea biome.

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