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Core Keeper: The Great Egg Hunt event guide

We guide you through the new Core Keeper The Great Egg hunt easter event.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022 12:30 pm
Core Keeper: The Great Egg Hunt event guide

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Core Keeper has dropped a surprise easter update, called The Great Egg hunt. The new patch deploys in a mining event, offering players the chance to collect eggs, granting a special golden egg reward for those who beat it. Here is everything you need to know about the Core Keeper The Great Egg hunt event in this guide.

Core Keeper The Great Egg Hunt event guide

From April 13 – April 19, 2022, Core Keeper miners have a brand new mini-event to take part in, called The Great Egg hunt. The event is a collection themed event, where players are deep in the mines looking for four different coloured eggs, which are:

  • Brown Easter Egg
  • Rose Easter Egg
  • Grey Easter Egg
  • Green Easter Egg

Each of these eggs represents the different biomes in the game. The brown egg is associated with the dirt biome, while the rose is in the Clay Caverns, the grey in the Forgotten Ruins, and the green in the Wilderness. Make sure to update your game, otherwise, the event will not occur and you will not be able to find the eggs. Once April 19 arrives, you will no longer be able to acquire these eggs, but, the rewards you get will remain.

How to get eggs in Core Keeper’s easter event

Core Keeper The Great Egg Hunt event egg type
A type of egg you can get during the event.

Collecting five of each of the eggs allows you to create a golden egg, which is a unique item only available throughout the event. To find the eggs, you need to visit each of the biomes. We found that you can get the easter eggs from killing mobs. So, create some mob farms for each of the mobs, such as yellow and pink slime farms, chrysalid larvae farms and or mould floors to spawn the caveling mobs. If you don’t have farms, head to the different biomes and fight the enemies naturally. The only exception is the moldling enemies, which can grant you green and grey eggs. 

One other alternative to get the eggs in the core keeper easter event is by visiting the bosses. Bosses like the Hive Mother spawn larvae in its room, granting repeatable ways of farming larvae. In addition, the Poisonous Mass and Glurch can spawn slimes thanks to the ground slime they leave behind. Use these areas and slay the appropriate mobs. You can also Malugaz’s spawn room and wait around as cavelings run to the throne room to protect it from you. Please be aware that the drop chance on the mobs is fairly low. So, don’t be alarmed if you find that you’re not getting many eggs while satisfying your bloodlust.

Other players are reporting that they have got eggs from mining and breaking chests. However, we found that fighting enemies tend to be the most efficient method of collecting eggs. If you notice any differences, let us know in the comments?

What does the golden egg do?

Once when you have five of each egg, then you can create a golden egg. Use the golden egg to decorate your base as a testament to your accomplishments. However, you can use the egg as an event spawn item. If you head over to the Wilderness, more specifically the spawn of Azeos, you then get a golden version of the boss, fitted with the same tactics, albeit a golden trim. The boss rewards you with even more limited loot, featuring a unique easter item set, along with a unique trophy to take home.

The loot features the following items in a unique two block-long golden chest.

Radical Rabbit Ears+23 max health, 3.8% movement speed, 6% dodge chance
Ostara Ring7% dodge chance and 0.9 health every second.
Eostre Necklace10.3% extra harvest chance and 4.9% movement speed
Golden Azeos statueA figurine of the Golden Azeos 

Equipping all three of the new items grants a set-piece bonus. The bonus includes a 7.7% melee and ranged attack speed.

This concludes this Core Keeper The Great Egg Hunt easter event guide. Good luck getting your new limited-time decorations!

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