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Corsair Murals: Transform your world

iCUE Murals might just be what your setup is missing

Updated: Apr 10, 2024 8:03 pm
Corsair Murals: Transform your world

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Ever wanted to enhance your gaming experience and truly make it out of this world? Corsair Murals does just that, allowing you to connect and synchronize everything about your setup, taking the RGB beyond your desk and into your entire room.

We’re not just talking about your RAM, case fans, and peripherals either. Sounds cool right? Sounds complicated too? Well, don’t worry, as it’s super simple, and we’re going to explain everything you need to know about Corsair murals all in one place.

What is Corsair Murals?

Corsair Murals is an extension of their proprietary all-in-one software, iCUE, that’s used to control basic RGB and interfaced controls of Corsair’s headsets, mice, and keyboards. It allows you to expand your lighting across a multitude of different products.

The introduction of Murals now means that Corsair isn’t just limited to first party products. Murals now allows integrated compatibility with smart-lighting partners, nanoleaf and Philips Hue, meaning that you can now integrate your Philips Hue and Nanoleaf lighting products to.


The customization options are virtually limitless too, as Corsair Murals allows you to pick from a load of built-in presets including dynamic and static color schemes. If you fancy something more bespoke, Corsair Murals can also replicate the colors of any image, gif, or video you want. This allows you to create an RGB lighting environment that’s truly unique to you.

Alternatively, those who want ultimate immersion while gaming can use the ‘Monitor Screen’ setting. This constantly replicates the colors of whatever is on your monitor, effectively extending and diffusing the content in question into your environment. As the Corsair Murals program is so comprehensive, there is no practical upper limit to this either; as long as your lighting is compatible, it can be extended to create an incredibly vivid light show. The monitor Screen mode is by far our favorite and only gets better the more lighting elements you add.

What can you do with Corsair Murals?

Pretty much anything. As we mentioned, the breadth and depth of Corsair Murals means that not only do you have access to all 16.4m colors of the RGB gamut, but you can creatively combine these with both nanoleaf and Philips Hue products. How does this work?

iCUE x nanoleaf collab 

Well, Corsair has recently added official nanoleaf integration to iCUE, the software we mentioned earlier and no doubt one you’ll be aware of if you’ve owned a Corsair product since 2018.

nanoleaf is a company some of you might already be aware of as it’s one of the industry leaders when it comes to Smart Home lighting products. If you’ve ever marvelled at the hexagonal mosaic of glowing tiles in the background of a Twitch stream, chances are that those lights are made by nanoleaf.


The relative popularity of nanoleaf in the home lighting space is exactly why Corsair implementing official support into iCUE is such a big deal. An official collaboration between one of the best gaming peripheral companies and the leading smart lighting brand? A match made in heaven if you ask us.

Add to this the easy setup process, and you’ve got a ready-made, bespoke, and entirely customizable lighting solution that could only previously be matched by a DIY custom solution. However, that’s not the only integration that Corsair Murals provides, there is another.

iCUE x Philips Hue collab 

Those of you who’ve been interested in smart tech from the very beginning will no doubt be aware of Philips and its trend-setting smart bulbs.

Starting way back in 2012, Philips Hue revolutionized the smart lighting game, arguably being the first to bring it out of the DIY product garage and into the mainstream, with a line of fashionable, affordable, and most importantly, wirelessly-controllable lights.

Since then, the Philips Hue line of products has grown exponentially, becoming the de-facto option for smart lightbulbs, almost becoming synonymous with the entire concept of smart lighting.

So, in addition to integrating the more atypical and stylized products from nanoleaf, Corsair Murals has also integrated functionality with the more traditional lighting that Philips Hue is known for.

The result is a comprehensive, ubiquitous, and spectacular light show, entirely controlled and customizable from your PC, thanks to iCUE Murals across smart-bulbs, light strips, light towers and lighting panels. You could even connect this up to the outdoor lighting that Philips Hue offer (violent retribution from incensed neighbors notwithstanding…)

Let’s take a look at how to use iCUE Murals, and while we’re here, we’ll also show you what it’s capable of via some spicy in-house photography.

How to use iCUE Murals

Using iCUE Murals is super easy, especially if you’re already at least passingly familiar with iCUE. Here’s how:

  • Download or update to the latest version of iCUE (4.33.138)
  • All of your pre-existing Corsair components and peripherals will show up in iCUE automatically.
  • Set up your Philips Hue and nanoleaf products with their respective apps.
  • Go to the settings tab of iCUE, then click the integrations button.
  • Check the buttons marked ‘Allow Philips Hue Integration’ and ‘Allow nanoleaf Integration
  • Follow the prompts for the Setup Wizard for nanoleaf and Philips Hue. (the wizard for nanoleaf is in this same menu, the one for Philips hue is in the dashboard when you click on the Philips Hue bridge that will appear automatically.)

Once you’ve followed the instructions for the applicable devices, you’re ready for the fun part: Playing will all the lighting settings.

To get started, click the ‘Murals’ button near the top-left of iCUE. This will open the Corsair Murals tab and here is where you can start to coordinate your own personal lighting show.

You’ll initially be greeted by the classic Corsair Yellow and Corsair Blue color schemes, but we recommend skipping straight to something more dynamic, such as the aforementioned ‘Monitor Screen’ setting.


Now, start up a game, a YouTube video, or a movie and sit back as your ambient lighting washes over you, echoing the on-screen content and providing a hitherto unknown level of immersion. We recommend trying this with a single-player, visually spectacular game like Cyberpunk 2077 or Need for Speed: Unbound for the best results.

Despite Corsair being a gamer-focused company, games are not the only content where Corsair Murals shines, General content consumption can also be elevated with the atmospheric lighting available to the user.

When watching a movie the lighting can extend the color pallet of the movie out of the screen and into the user’s environment. This means that your peripheral vision will actually be utilized, which is an experience well worth trying.

iCUE Murals: Final Word

If you’re interested in testing out iCUE Murals, it’s good news as it’s now out and available to try! If you’ve got Corsair products, you probably already have iCUE, meaning you’re just an update away from transforming your gaming with the illuminative power of iCUE Murals. Don’t have iCUE downloaded but have a stacked-out setup? Download it below!

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