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Counter Strike 2 price – CS2 is free!

If you're as hyped as us to get hands on with the game, don't worry you don't have to pay anything

Updated: May 5, 2023 3:19 pm
Counter Strike 2 price

Valve finally caved in and announced CS2, with a move to the newer Source 2 engine. As the limited test proceeds, we look at the bigger picture and wonder about the Counter-Strike 2 price.

The new announcement is a great relief to the community. As we’ve been asking for this new engine update for years to bring that fresh feel and features to the still-popular game as it reaches new milestones and the pro scene still expands.

So now with this, everyone might be wondering if it’s a new game or just an update. Well, let’s find out.

Counter-Strike 2 price

Initially, when CSGO came out it did cost a price. Back in 2012, it came out with a price of around $15 USD and another change in the offering.

But then in December of 2018, it moved to a free model, now more focused on just making money from customization and market transactions. Whilst also selling a prime addon to your account, which enables you to play the game more essentially.

But Counter-Strike 2 is going to be a big overhaul for CSGO rather than a new separate game. As we have seen the limited test has just been updated for CSGO, which means CS2 will be free as well, but you may need prime to access it fully like CSGO currently.

Counter Strike 2 skins will carry over from CSGO

Do you need to download CSGO before CS2 comes out?

CS2 is going to be a big overhaul and update to CSGO. This means it’s just going to carry on with what CSGO has built up in its decade of existence.

This makes sense as the game keeps growing with ever greater amounts of players and the market keeps it funded. So it is unlikely you will have to download CSGO before CS2 comes out.

It will just be an update and so the shop and entry in your library will be updated accordingly as it sets to come out in the summer of 2023. You may miss out on some loot though when it changes over, as before the free version came out users got a badge and skin for being early users.


How much CS2 will cost?

CS2 is just taking over from CSGO, so it will likely continue the pricing strategy and be free as well. Making money from in-game sells.

Will CS2 Prime be free?

No, just like CSGO, a Prime upgrade will likely cost you. Prime gets you into trusted matchmaking and so those dedicated to playing are more likely to want a better experience and so will the cost if the game is free itself.

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