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Counter-Strike 2 tick rate

It's not a blood leeching bug, but rather a fundamental of the game so how does it work and what does Source 2 change

Updated: May 5, 2023 3:50 pm
Counter Strike 2 Tick Rate

If you’re quite into CSGO you know one of the big factors of playing is the tick rate. On every pro or hardcore player’s lips is the tick rate of official servers, so in the new one, you don’t have to worry about it as we look at the Counter-Strike 2 tick rate.

The new version of the game was finally announced after plenty of rumors going around of CSGO porting to the newer Source 2 engine. And with that final announcement and testing, it does mean everyone can get hands on but also have questions about what’s to come or what’s changing.

And one key factor of gameplay is the tick rate. A fundamental factor to how the game works and runs, we look at what it is and how its changed for CS2.

What is tick rate in CSGO?

The tick rate in CSGO is how often the game checks on your actions in those time intervals. So anything that happened in between those checks just didn’t exist.

For the most part, this wouldn’t affect the gameplay or change anything, but in those few milliseconds, it could make the biggest difference. A click or a jump could have meant you killed rather than died.

CSGO ticks
Source 1 ticks, Source: Valve

Now official servers on the game run just at 64 ticks, which is the lower end and isn’t as frequent. Which pros and more hardcore players don’t like. As they want to make sure it comes down to their skills rather than the server’s capability.

Now private servers have the ability to run at 128 ticks instead. And this doubles the checking of the actions and so fewer actions are lost to the void.

This means services like Faceit became the true place to evolve and play a better matchmaking experience. These services are third-party hosts that use private servers to run games and were seen as better choices for the best gaming experience.

So pros and hardcore gamers chose those over official servers, especially with better matchmaking and rankings.

What is the Counter-Strike 2 tick rate?

As the game moves to Source 2, it has moved on and improved what it has to offer. In source 2 it offers sub-tick updates.

These in Counter-Strike 2 means that the tick rate doesn’t matter for moving and shooting. The server calculates your actions between ticks and executes them as they should and everything works as seen.

Which is another important factor for pros and such. As lining up smokes and nades also depended on the tick rate. Which is also why 128 tick servers were popular.

But now that doesn’t matter, and it will work no matter what. Also meaning everyone is on a more level playing field.

sub tick cs2
Source 2 sub-ticks, Source: Valve

What does CS2 tick rate improve?

The new tick rate should improve the feel of the game, especially the inputs that you do. It also has improved the possibility of jump throws and there is no need for a bind. So now it’s much easier to execute those.

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