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CS:GO Console Commands – Utilities and More in 2022

Updated: May 8, 2022 11:02 pm
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CS:GO is easily one of the most successful online FPS titles of the past few decades. The long-standing pedigree of Counter-Strike games was a lot to live up to, yet Global Offensive managed to pull it off. Despite coming out nearly a decade ago, CS:GO is still getting a huge number of players every single day. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you might not realize that it even has a command console, let alone any useful commands.

Unlike most games, the CS:GO console commands mostly revolve around some interesting utilities that you can use while playing. There’s no god mode during multiplayer or anything like that, but if you’re dreaming of turning pro, then console commands can give you the info you need to get an edge over your opponents.

Enable the Console

CS GO Menu

You’ll need to enable the console before you can use it in CS:GO, but on the plus side, it’s not too difficult to do. Open up the game and navigate to the settings menu. On the main page of the settings menu, you should see an option titled ‘Enable Developer Console.’ Change this to yes, then save and close the settings. Now, when you’re in a match, you can tap the key under Esc to open up the dev console.

CS:GO Useful Console Commands

If you’re planning on mostly using console commands to enhance your online play, then these are the commands for you. They can help you to better understand the game’s mechanics or just make closing games or leaving servers that much quicker.

Command EffectConsole Commands
Shows FPS countercl_showfps
Enables important data graphnet_graph 1
Disables important data graphnet_graph 0
Moves your gun to your left handcl_lefthand
Moves your gun to your right handcl_righthand
Turns off loading/splash videosnovid
Reduces the volume of microphone usersvoice_scale 0.3
Turns off all voice chatvoice_enable 0

CS:GO Cheat Console Commands

CS GO Firing

As well as those useful commands above, there are a variety of different commands that you can use only when you’re on a private server, or in a match with bots. Obviously, these commands will totally change how the game plays for you and any friends you rope into your private server antics, so make sure that everyone knows you’re planning on using the console before they start the match.

Before you use any of these commands, you’ll need to enter the following code to enable cheats:

sv_cheats 1
Command EffectConsole Commands
Activates god mode in a private servergod
Adds a new bot to your gamebot_add
Kills you kill
Disables clipping noclip
Disconnects you from the current gamedisconnect
Closes the game completely quit
Removes all HUD except for death noticescl_draw_only_deathnotices 1

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