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Cult of the Lamb – Fishing Guide

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Updated: Aug 12, 2022 9:47 am
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You’ll unlock the Pilgrim’s Passage area early in Cult of the Lamb, and with this new area comes the ability to fish.

You’ll be able to catch food for your followers, dredge up new recipes, and even unlock treasure, and we’ll show you how right here.

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Cult of the Lamb : How To Unlock Fishing 

When progressing through the Darkwood area in Cult of the Lamb, you have a chance of encountering a room that contains a pond and The Fisherman. Make sure to talk to them before you leave the area, as it may take some take for this event to occur again. 

When you speak to The Fisherman, they invite you to come and fish in another spot. This unlocks Pilgrim’s Passage on the map, to be visited at your leisure. When you return to your Cult, use the Travel option to enter the map and select Pilgrim’s Passage. 

Cult of the Lamb: Pilgrim’s Passage 

Cult of the Lamb Pilgrim's Passage Lighthouse

This area is worth visiting even if you don’t plan on fishing right away. There are many resources to collect right from the off.  Berry bushes drop food and seeds, and there are several trees and deposits of stone that can be mined. 

When you’ve collected your fill, move down to the jetty where The Fisherman is waiting. There’s a spot nearby with Cult of the Lamb’s Fishing minigame. 

Fishing Mechanics 

Cult of the Lamb Fishing The Fisherman

When you begin fishing, you cast a line out into the water. Hold down for longer to cast the lure farther, but there should be plenty of fish at first regardless of how far you cast. 

When the lure is bobbing, fish are drawn to it. When one latches on, keep your bar within the moving zone as often as possible to reel the fish in. 

Cult of the Lamb is pretty forgiving, as far as fishing minigames go. The fish quickly home in on your lure, and don’t take much reeling before they’re in your hands. Cult of the Lamb’s fishing also allows you to be outside the targeted zone fairly frequently without risk of the line snapping.

Fishing Rewards 

Cult of the Lamb Pilgrim's Passage The Fisherman

For each fish you catch, you receive a number of food items that can be sold or turned into meals for your cult. This can be especially useful in the early game where food items are harder to come by. 

Once you have fished for the first time, be sure to speak to The Fisherman, as doing so unlocks a new quest. If you dredge up certain fish and give them to The Fisherman, he rewards you with treasure. The treasure turns out to be Holy Talisman Pieces, which are used at your Temple to unlock new fleeces with passive abilities.

Fishing is an efficient and enjoyable way to quickly gather resources to feed your followers in Cult of the Lamb. But as it turns out, fishing isn’t all Pilgrim’s Passage has to offer you and your cult.

Lured By The Lighthouse 

Catfish Cult in the Lighthouse

On the opposite side of the pier to The Fisherman, there is a small Lighthouse. Once you step inside, you’ll see that it is home to a cult of catfish.

These lost followers have been without the guidance of a leader for some time. They’ve been waiting for the lighthouse to be lit after their previous leader disappeared in mysterious circumstances. 

You can light the Lighthouse in Cult of the Lamb by giving up 15 Lumber. Doing so causes the catfish to rejoice. They’ll join your followers and unlock a new resource collection point at Pilgrim’s Progress.

This also unlocks vendors outside the Lighthouse; one of which sells cosmetic items for your cult, but another allows you to unlock new tarot cards for your runs in Cult of the Lamb. 

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