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Cult Of The Lamb – Leshy Boss Guide

Bring down Bishop Leshy

Updated: Aug 12, 2022 9:40 am
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Bishop Leshy is the boss of the Darkwood in Cult of the Lamb.

As one of the four bishops that you’ve been tasked with slaying, Leshy is a powerful foe that commands might and minions alike.

We’ll walk you through how to take down this powerful foe and break the first chain holding your God captive.

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Cult of the Lamb: Bishop Leshy Details

Cult of the Lamb Bishop Leshy Boss and Minions

The Darkwood’s bosses can provide a fun challenge, but it doesn’t take much to bring them down. Leshy on the other hand has a huge health bar, much larger than anything you’ve fought so far.

The smaller bosses fought at the end of each run haven’t just been pulling you into a false sense of security though. In fact, they’ve been crucial preparation for the way to take Bishop Leshy down.

Many of the Darkwood bosses’ attacks are also present in Leshy’s moveset, but on a larger and more damaging scale. So, even though Leshy’s moves can dish out a whole lot of hurt, you’ll already have experience in how to avoid them.

Cult of the Lamb: Leshy Boss Mechanics

Diving attack

Leshy leaps into the air, bringing its colossal bulk back onto the battlefield with a crash.

While Leshy is in the air, a large target appears, indicating where it will land. Keep moving to stay clear of the impact zone, though this may prove challenging if Leshy has clogged the arena with minions.

Projectile rain

Leshy exhales a huge shower of projectiles. They cover the whole arena but are spaced out enough that you can find safe spots between their areas of impact.

Find a safe area and hold still for a moment, or close on Leshy and deal damage while the projectiles rain down.

Minion spawn

Just like Amdusias, Leshy periodically summons small crawling minions to the field in Cult of the Lamb. While these minions are capable of damaging you, their purpose is more of a stage hazard than an active threat.

If you don’t deal with the minions quickly, they can soon block huge sections of the arena, making it difficult for you to dodge past Leshy’s wide-ranging attacks. Split your attention between Leshy and the Minions – and use an area-of-effect curse if you have one – to keep from being overrun.

Stone Shockwave

Leshy burrows under the ground, before re-emerging and bringing jagged stone pillars to the surface.

This deals initial damage in the area surrounding Leshy, but the pillars then spread out in lines. Back away or dodge between the pillars, otherwise, Leshy will cut through your health in a snap.

Best Tarot picks for Leshy

Boss Heart

Master Of The Art

This card boosts your overall damage by 1.2x. Combine this with a hard-hitter like the axe, and you’ll soon be able to cut Leshy down to size in Cult of the Lamb.

Shield Of Faith

Shield of Faith gives you a small chance of taking no damage when hit. As Leshy has such a considerable health bar, anything that can keep you fighting for as long as possible is a big plus

Best Weapons for Leshy

Poison weapons allow you to chip away at Leshy’s health in Cult of the Lamb, while giving you more freedom to dodge the boss’s attacks. So long as you get a single hit in, a damage-over-time effect is applied, enabling you to keep the hurt going.

Vampiric weapons could keep you in the fight for longer. If you focus on taking down the minions that Leshy spawns, you could gain a number of health boosts when they die.

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