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Best Rituals In Cult Of The Lamb

Work your dark magic with the five most useful Rituals

Updated: Aug 13, 2022 9:08 am
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In Cult of the Lamb, keeping your followers happy is just as important as crusading through the woods and killing heretics.

While you might find great success in killing bosses and bishops, it means little if you return to find your cult starving, sick, and at one another’s throats.

Rituals are among the best ways to keep your cult happy and under control in Cult of the Lamb, and the game has many rituals available for you to use, from sacrifices to loyalty boosts and beyond. 

We’ll walk you through the best Rituals in Cult of the Lamb, so you know which ones to use for maximum impact.

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Best Rituals In Cult Of The Lamb #1: Ritual of Resurrection   

Cult of the Lamb Best Rituals elders return

Death is a constant in Cult of the Lamb. Often death comes at your hands – swift and merciless – to the Bishops and their heretics. But death can also turn against you, wrenching your followers away before they’ve finished contributing to your cause. But what if there was a way to bring them back? That’s where the Ritual of Resurrection comes in. 

The Ritual of Resurrection is unlocked at Afterlife Doctrine Tier 2 and allows you to bring a departed follower back from the dead. The follower will return with all their Loyalty ranks and equipped items intact. They can even stave off becoming an Elder for longer, increasing the amount of time they will remain useful. Bring back your strongest followers, or even just your favorites, and soon your flock will be a well-oiled devotion gathering machine.

The only real downside to the Ritual of Resurrection is that it costs a hefty number of resources – 150 bones per use. You’ll have to venture on a lot of runs to use this Ritual regularly, but there are ways of cutting down on the cost.

Unlock the Cheaper Rituals upgrade at the shrine as quickly as possible in Cult of the Lamb to shave the cost down to 75 bones. When you unlock the Missionaries building, you’ll be able to send your followers out to gather huge bundles of bones after a few days. Pretty soon you’ll be able to resurrect any follower you want.

Best Rituals In Cult Of The Lamb #2: Holy Day Ritual 

Cult of the Lamb Best Rituals Holy Day

The Holy Day ritual has you set a day aside for your followers, where they don’t have to perform any menial tasks at all. This means that your followers won’t work for the whole day, no worship will be generated, and no resources will be gathered. This may initially seem disastrous, but what makes Holy Day Ritual so useful is that it instantly boosts your followers’ faith by +80.  

This is the largest single Faith boost in Cult of the Lamb, and can completely bring you back out of a negative Faith tailspin in a single action. No other Ritual has quite as much impact on Faith in Cult of the Lamb, and this makes it easily worth the drawbacks. In fact, without the ‘no work’ limitation and a lengthy cooldown, the Holy Day Ritual could easily make Cult of the Lamb’s follower management trivial.

Another small drawback to the Holy Day Ritual is that it can take some time to unlock. This Ritual appears as one of the fourth tier choices for Work & Worship doctrines, which require several Commandment Tablets. But if you find yourself struggling with low Faith often in Cult of the Lamb, you might want to invest in this Ritual as early as possible. 

Considering the Ritual’s drawbacks, it’s best to activate Holy Day Ritual if your Faith is empty, low, or if you plan on crusading for at least a day and don’t mind your followers resting until you return. 

#3: Ritual of Enlightenment 

Cult of the Lamb Best Rituals Loyalty work and sacrificed

If your followers aren’t working, they should be praying. Your Shrine constantly amasses Devotion in Cult of the Lamb, allowing you to unlock new buildings and upgrade tiers, growing your cult. Ritual of Enlightenment significantly speeds up that process. 

Perhaps the most straightforward Ritual on this list, Ritual of Enlightenment increases the rate of your followers’ devotion generation by 20% for three days. This is a significant buff on its own, but when combined with Shrine Flame Upgrade you’ll be amassing Devotion like crazy, unlocking more and more upgrades all the while.  

You can expect to return to a full shrine after every crusade with this effect in play, but sticking around the cult while the Ritual of Enlightenment is active is very beneficial. Being around to regularly harvest Devotion allows you to level up several times over the three days the Ritual is active. 

#4: Ascend Follower Ritual 

Elders sacrifice ascend

This Ritual unlocks at the first Tier of Law & Order doctrines, meaning you can access it almost right away.  

Ascend Follower Ritual allows you to sacrifice a Follower in Cult of the Lamb, killing the follower but significantly boosting the loyalty of your other cult members. 

Loyalty is one of the harder resources to come by in Cult of the Lamb, and being able to provide a boost to all your followers at once is fantastic. While it may seem that sacrificing another follower is a hefty drawback, it can actually work to your advantage. 

When followers reach a certain age in Cult of the Lamb, they become Elders. Elders are no longer able to work in Cult of the Lamb, but still require food and other resources, with little given to the cult in return. Soon enough they’ll drop dead, reducing your followers’ Faith and spreading sickness through the camp. Before that can happens you should use the Ritual of Ascension to sacrifice them instead. That way you get rid of a resource-draining Elder and boost your followers’ Loyalty all at once.

At a certain point, Elders become resources to be used. Whether it’s being sacrificed in Rituals or as a way to gain an extra life when dying on crusades once the right Crown Upgrade has been unlocked. If you’ve unlocked the Belief In Sacrifice Doctrine, your followers even gain Faith when any followers – including Elders – are sacrificed in Cult of the Lamb.

Initially, this Ritual may stack up unfavorably compared to Sacrifice Of The Flesh, which allows you to sacrifice followers in exchange for XP to level up your lamb. However, at a certain point, you’re going to hit the level cap and Sacrifice Of The Flesh will be completely useless, except as a method of gaining Follower Meat resources in Cult of the Lamb. But since you never stop gaining new cult followers, and their Loyalty being high boosts their effectiveness in many areas, the Ascend Follower remains an incredibly useful way of boosting loyalty throughout the whole game.

#5: Alms for the Poor 

alms ritual

Another Loyalty boosting Ritual, Alms For The Poor won’t increase follower loyalty to the same degree as Ascend Follower in Cult of the Lamb. But it makes up for that by being much cheaper and easier to use. 

Almost every other Ritual has a hefty cost. A huge amount of bones, sacrificing followers, the list goes on. But Alms For The Poor just requires a small amount of Gold, and Gold is arguably the easiest resource to acquire in Cult of the Lamb. Far easier than Loyalty, in fact, making the trade extremely beneficial. 

Alms for the poor is almost always affordable. At just 25 gold to boost the Loyalty of all of your followers, you should be using this Ritual at every chance you get.

That does it for our list of the best Rituals in Cult of the Lamb. Use Rituals to their full potential and control your followers with ease. 

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