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Does Dead Island 2 have Denuvo? – We’ve got the answer here!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023 11:43 am
DeadIsland2 gameplay

Dead Island 2 is available for zombie-slayers to now play – and it’s like everything we hoped it would be. Tons of weapons, enemies and huge semi-open-world gameplay is accessible for you now, as you explore sections of a zombie-infested LA. As well as being able to take on the game solo, you’re also able to play online with friends – and, as expected, there are numerous rewards up for grabs. As a result, many gamers are wondering if Dead Island 2 uses the anti-cheat package Denuvo. What we know is that it hasn’t been confirmed however it’s the anti-temper tech has been tested and confirmed to have Denuvo, according to one source.

. This stops gamers from cracking and downloading illegal copies of the game, as well as stopping them from hacking or exploiting in-game mechanics to gain an advantage.

Does Dead Island use Denuvo DRM Protection?

As per Videogamer.com‘s brilliant summary, there is no information as to whether Dead Island 2 uses Denuvo protection. However, and to reiterate above – we’re almost certain it’ll be used for this game.

In fact, most games on the Epic Store come equipped with Denuvo. Games such as Crime Boss: Rockay City all have the protection, so if you’re going to want to play Dead Island 2, you’re going to need to buy it. You can grab it from the Epic Store, or we’ve pulled together some options from Amazon for you below.

If you are going to play the game, make sure your system is up to scratch and ensure it meets at least the minimum settings. Happy zombie slaying.

What can denuvo do in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2’s integration of denuvo will prevent people from pirating the game, and also cheaters from abusing the game.

Does Dead Island 2 use Denuvo?

Dead Island 2 indeed does have denuvo, this seems to be correct according to sources who have tested the anti-temper tech.

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