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Dead Island 2 how to get fuses

Updated: Apr 21, 2023 1:39 pm
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Dead Island 2 fuses are needed if you want to get secret weapons in the game. Like we discovered during our playthrough, you’ll soon come across fuse boxes scattered around the game, all of which are lacking a fuse. Well, we’re here to help and to tell you where to find fuses in Dead Island 2.

There are a lot of these boxes dotted about, and in order to open them you’re going to need to find fuses. The fuse boxes come up on the map, so they’re easy enough to find themselves, and with the busted fuses blocking the way to rooms stocked with valuable goodies, the desire to find a working replacement will be high!

Sadly, the game never actually tells you where to find fuses in Dead Island 2, despite how important they are. So if you want to get the most out of your time in Hell-A here is our complete guide on how to find fuses in Dead Island 2. 

Dead Island 2 fuse locations

dead island 2 fusebox

During our Dead Island 2 playthrough, we discovered where you can get fuses – and it’s surprisingly easy. The only place you will find fuses in Dead Island 2 is with traders, and they are going to cost you $1,500 a pop every time you need one. The traders themselves are found at the safe zones in the game, with the first one you meet is called Carlos who is staying at Emma Jaunt’s mansion in the Bel Air area.

Once you have the fuse, go to one of the fuse icons on the map, pop it in, and get ready to receive some great loot. Be warned, we did come across some enemies in some of the rooms, so you’re going to need to fight for what’s inside. It is certainly worth trying to stock up on fuses before you start any missions as you will constantly come across them. Happy hunting!

How much do fuses cost in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 fuses cost $1,500 a go in the game – that’s why important to know where you can find them in the world without buying them!

Is Dead Island 2 open world?

Yes, but also no: Dead Island has multiple areas which are open for exploration – so you can find fuses in them, for example – but it is not a truly open world game with one massive map.

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