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Dead Island 2 max level cap – what is the highest level?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023 2:55 pm
Dead Island 2 max level cap – what is the highest level?

Here is Dead Island 2 max level cap, addressing what the highest level currently the game has to offer. With a plethora of characters, weapons and abilities to choose from, Dead Island 2 certainly delivers action in spades – despite not having the biggest map. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Dead Island 2 max level?

As you play through Dead Island 2 your character’s level will increase. What you’ll find is that more rare weapons will appear depending on your level, so the higher the level, the more impressive-the-guns and melee items you’ll have at your disposal. That’s because the enemies scale in line with your development. This means they’ll start off relatively easy, but take more damage and become more dangerous as you make your way through the levels.

At the time of release, the current max level you can reach in Dead Island 2 is capped at level 30. In order to reach the final mission, you’ll need to be at least level 22. When you do reach the final level 30, you’ll be earn a trophy called Max Headroom. As with most games that feature a character level system, progress through the first through levels will be relatively fast – but this will slow down as you progress through the game.

As you shred through zombies on the streets of Hell-A, you will gain more and more skill cards to help boost your character. In Dead Island 2, these are particularly useful. One of the earliest skills you will unlock, for example, is a boost to your kick, which lets you send zombies flying. This is perfect to clear space or get out of tight situations.


What is the max level in Dead Island 2?

The max level currently is capped at Level 30, there’s no expectation for this rise just yet.

Is there level 30 rewards in Dead Island 2?

There are rewards for when you reach Level 30, but not as much. Specifically, you earn the trophy ‘Max Headroom’, which signifies reaching the final level.

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