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11 Dead Island 2 Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

Updated: Apr 25, 2023 5:07 pm
11 Dead Island 2 Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

11 Dead Island 2 Tips and Tricks you need to know before slaying those zombies

Dead Island 2 is here, ten years in the making means that a lot of things have changed since the first two games, the tips back then may not work now. Dead Island 2 is not the most challenging game, but there are still plenty of things that will be of great help to newcomers, and fans of the original too.

With that in mind here are all of our tips to try and help you survive the dead in the streets of Hell-A. 

Dead Island 2 Tips and Tricks

Here are 11 Dead Island Tips and Tricks for beginners and even experienced zombie-slayers can get to grips to whilst you explore LA and it’s surrounding areas:

  • Buy fuses whenever you can
dead island 2 tips fuses
Captured in Dead Island 2 on PS5

Fuses cannot be found in the world, but you will find fuse boxes everywhere consistently throughout your playthrough. The rooms the fuse boxes are guarding are home to a lot of different goodies, including weapons, so it’s worth doing if you don’t want to miss out. 

  • You don’t have to kill everything 

Weapons degrade in Dead Island 2, so if you’re on your way to an objective, killing everything between you and where you’re going is just going to destroy your equipment. You can repair weapons, but it does cost money, so our advice would be to spare a few of the undead when you can, and save yourself some resources. 

  • Utilise your Curveballs 

Early on you will gain access to curve balls, the first one you unlock will be the bait, but you will find plenty of different ones to try out during your time with the game. Curveballs are on a cool down, so you don’t have to restock them like ammunition. If used correctly, you can take out huge hordes of zombies in one quick swoop, especially when you combine them (you can carry two at a time).

  • Split up the herd 

Dead Island 2 isn’t the most challenging game, but it is very easy to get overwhelmed when there are too many zombies. Sometimes running away a little bit, so the faster ones come out ahead of the rest of the pack will be a huge help. The kick and drop kick is also a great way of splitting up the zombies so you can take them on individually, one on one they’re all very manageable. 

  • Take advantage of fast travel 
fast travel in dead island 2 tips
Captured in Dead Island 2 on PS5

Fast travel isn’t for everyone in games, some people really like to move around organically soaking in the world around them. However much like point one. There are a lot of zombies in Dead Island 2 and you don’t need to kill them all. Once you unlock fast travel, it is a great way to preserve your weapons and ammo for when you really need it. 

  • The Military Supply Crates refill

In Dead Island 2 you will come across Military Supply Crates sprinkled throughout the world. These boxes contain really good weapons that will most likely go straight into your loadout. One thing that’s handy to know is these boxes will refill over time, so it’s always worth popping back once you’re a higher level and taking a look. It will also save you some money with upgrading weapons. 

  • Keep space in your loadout 

Never completely fill up your load out because you will certainly find some great new weapons as you explore, and even if your weapon breaks you still keep hold of it so you can go and repair later. So if you don’t want to have the conundrum of which weapon to drop half way through a quest, keep a few slots free just in case.

  • Kick corpses in case they’re zombies

It’s never bad to double check. Kicking corpses is a good way to find out if they’re zombies or not. The worst thing that can happen to you in Dead Island 2 is being blindsided by one and running the risk of becoming infected, so as you clear rooms – make sure you double check and fear the worst to happen!

  • Don’t over-upgrade weapons early

This is important, players will often have the urge to upgrade their guns early in games to be a step ahead of the count – however in Dead Island 2 this can be a costly mistake. As you progress in the game, you will naturally get better ones, so it’s important to over-upgrade weapons early and to prioritize over-upgrading on stronger weapons such as legendary weapons.

  • Practice your timing for dodges and counters

This may take some time, but it’s a skill that is definitely worth practicing and mastering. Being able to counter zombies is important – especially as more zombies look to attack you at higher levels and you face stronger bosses in the game.

  • Carry batteries to throw at water sources

Batteries in Dead Island 2 are important to collect. As you get further into the game, more zombies will be attracted to you (to eat!). Mixing water with batteries create environmental traps to which you can use on hordes of zombies for a shocking trap. This is a great tip to defeat zombies that may be tougher than usual, or to eliminate zombies at one time in a more efficient way.

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