Deathloop – How Long to Beat

How long does it take to beat Deathloop?

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The new time loop game by Arkane Studios was recently released. But people are already wondering just how long does it take to beat Deathloop?

Considering the game’s sense of time isn’t quite as linear as we’d like, and it is in fact a time loop. It would seem a little odd to try and condense the amount of time it takes to play the game, nonetheless… there is a definite ‘average playtime’ among players.




Deathloop Time to Beat

The recent Bethesda release Deathloop has dropped. Although it’s recieved mixed reviews on Steam, the game has – at the very least – an interesting premise. We seem to be coming into a new era of timeloops being at the core of our entertainment. A popular genre which now has its action FPS iteration. Players have the option to choose who they want to play and which ‘side’ of the loop they want to be on. Do they want to protect the loop or do they want to break it?

How long is Deathloop?

The average answer is 15 Hours. With 20 Hours for the main story and extras. A relatively short game but it’s understandable considering the single main location.


Deathloop Speedrun

Although the game’s not been out long enough for it to become a speedrunning challenge, there’s no doubt it will be popular among the speedsters. The game’s premise makes for a fascinating speedrunning trial, so it’ll be fascinating to see how players might shorten the game. Just how quick will speedrunners beat Deathloop What bugs or features will they take advantage of to break or keep this loop up, at break-neck speeds!

I, for one, can’t wait to see just how players will exploit the game’s time loop mechanic to speedrun it!