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Everything we know about DEEEER Simulator

When is the DEEEER Simulator release date? What even is DEEEER Simulator? How many Es is too many? We answer the most important questions right here.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:18 pm
Deer Simulator release date

In the age of weird animal simulator games about goats and geese, it was only going to be a matter of time before we were introduced to Deer Simulator, or rather DEEEER Simulator, a game featuring flying elephants, police sheep and giant koala bears.

Marketed as “Your Average, Everyday Deer Game”, DEEEER Simulator, as the name suggests, is anything but “average” or “everyday”. It’s the first title for developer Gibier Games, but joins the likes of Mighty Goose and Fight Crab in being published by PLAYISM, so we know we can expect something weird but awesome.

DEEEER Simulator gameplay

what we know about deeeer simulator release date

As a human man, you sacrifice yourself to save a deer in the headlights, and are rewarded by being reborn as a deer. Note to all – maybe don’t throw yourself in front of a truck to save a deer unless you want things to get real weird.

As you start living your new life as a deer, you find you can do all sorts of crazy things, like stretch your own neck, use your head as a weapon, and even transform yourself into a vehicle. Oh, and you can ride other animals.

Your choice in DEEEER Simulator is whether you want to live a calm life, just trotting about your city and frolicking around with your fellow creatures, or cause absolute havok on the town bringing chaos and destruction to everything around you. The latter kinda sounds the most fun, to be honest.

If you have ever played Goat Simulator, then you’ll be in familiar territory with DEEEER Simulator, as it feels very similar to that comfortable time in 2014 of just happily flinging a stretchy goat between skyscrapers.

When is the DEEEER Simulator release date?

Deer simulator motorbike
Race into action and grab Deer Simulator now

If you’re intrigued, then the good news is that DEEEER Simulator is already available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X as of November 23rd, 2021. You can purchase the deer sim on Steam, where you can also grab the soundtrack and the Final Evolution of DEEEER DLC if you so desire.

You can purchase Deer Simulator on Xbox, but you can also play for free if you have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass. DEEEER Simulator was added to Game Pass on day one, and is a cloud-enabled game, meaning you can jump straight into the stretchy-neck action and continue your gameplay across multiple platforms. Do note, though, that cloud gameplay is only available with Game Pass UItimate.

The deer sim will follow on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on November 25th, 2021. There is currently no news as to whether DEEEER Simulator will arrive on PlayStation 5 at some point.

Is DEEEER Simulator Cross-platform?

deer simulator what we know
Nothing fishy about this deer

DEEEER Simulator doesn’t have online multiplayer gameplay, so is not cross-platform, but you can play two-player on the same console. By using Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s cloud gaming service, you can keep your save data across Xbox, PC and mobile devices.

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