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Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross Platform? – Is Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay?

We find out if Deep Rock Galactic has crossplay

Updated: Mar 14, 2022 12:58 pm
Deep Rock Galactic

Dwarves, in space. What’s not to love about a concept like that? If you agree, then you’re certainly not alone. Deep Rock Galactic came out of almost nowhere back in 2018 and has since gathered quite a cult following on both of the platforms it’s been released on. With any game that comes out on more than one platform, you’re bound to wonder: does this game support crossplay? Well, yes it does, but it’s not as simple as just booting the game and inviting your friends. There are one or two caveats across the Xbox and PC versions of the game that change how crossplay works.

Is Deep Rock Galactic Cross Platform? – Is Deep Rock Galactic Crossplay?

Yes, this title does support crossplay and has done since it came out, at least partially. It’s part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program, meaning that if you buy the Windows Store version you’ll also have access to the Xbox One version as well, meaning it’s playable across PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S all for a single cost.

How to Play Deep Rock Galactic Cross Platform

As you might expect, crossplay is only available between the Windows Store version of the game and Xbox. If you buy this title on Steam, you won’t be able to play it with your friends on console at all. On the plus side, because of that fact, it’s pretty easy to play with your friends between PC and Xbox, as you’ll just need to add them as friends through the Xbox app, and then invite them to a game through the Xbox menu on PC or Xbox.

Does Deep Rock Galcatics Have Cross Save/ Cross Progression

Fortunately, while it may not be possible to play with friends between Steam and Xbox, you can at least count on your save data being available between the Xbox, Steam, and Windows Store versions with a bit of tweaking. Your progress between Xbox and the Windows Store will sync automatically, but if you already have it on Steam, you can get that on other platforms by moving your save files from the Steam to Windows Store versions, which will then sync it with Xbox.

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