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Best Class For Solo Players in Destiny 2

Updated: Apr 5, 2023 5:45 am
Best Class For Solo Players in Destiny 2

Although most of Destiny 2 is designed around having a 3-man fireteam with one of each class, you will more often than not find yourself in solo content when you have to go through most campaigns and missions.

Since all of the classes have vastly different abilities and playstyles, some are more suited for solo content than others. Here is the best class to pick for solo content in Destiny 2.

Best Solo Content Class in Destiny 2

While it might seem obvious to call Warlock the best solo class since they have a healing ability and one of the stronger solar builds in the game. The title for best solo class seems to fall more toward Titan for how versatile they are.

The ability to throw up a wall to hide behind at any point can give you time to recoup and reload and can be augmented with an exotic to allow you to fire through it without exposing yourself to danger. This can be done with Citan’s Ramparts.

You can also run with one of the strongest Titan builds to give yourself automatic healing when your health gets low and supercharge your melee ability. All while also recharging your abilities faster.

Another build you can run is the classic Arc ability spam build. Although this build was nerfed with the release of Lightfall, it can still allow you to spam your abilities quite quickly. All you need to do is wear the Heart of Innermost Light Exotic.

In case you do end up in group content, you also have some strong team play potential with your Ward of Dawn super. The ability to put up a dome that blocks all incoming damage and provides teammates with buffs is quite strong.

Now that you have the strongest solo class to play, you need to focus on getting yourself a solid set of PvE weapons to run with. You can also play more PvP modes if you go out of your way to get the best PvP weapons available right now.

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