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Is Destiny 2 Crossplay – Destiny 2 Cross Platform?

Is Destiny 2 cross platform? Can you crossplay in Destiny 2? Why yes, yes you can.

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Is Destiny 2 Crossplay? When Destiny 2 started, it lacked crossplay support, however, crossplay was later added, leading to many people being slightly confused wondering is Destiny 2 Cross platform? The short answer is yes and since a recent update, the game also allows players to talk to friends regardless of the platform too.

Bungie announced that Destiny 2 crossplay was coming during the Bungie showcase for the Witch Queen episode, meaning regardless if you are on console or PC, you can play with your pals.



Is Destiny 2 Crossplay? – Destiny 2 Cross Platform

Destiny 2 crossplay has been a long and awaited feature that many players requested. The good news is, Destiny 2 is cross platform, meaning you and your friends can play regardless if they are on Playstation, Xbox, PC, or even Stadia.

Destiny 2 works through the Bungie Name system, which is what players use to identify each other across platforms. When it comes to matchmaking competitively, Destiny 2 keeps PC and console players in their own sections, unless you are in a mixed lobby with friends from PC and console.

How To Add A Friend On Destiny 2 Crossplay

If you’re wondering how to add a friend on Destiny 2’s crossplay, all you need to do is find out their Bungie username. It does not matter what their, Steam, Stadia, Xbox Gamertag, or PSN name is. Whenever you make a Destiny 2 account, all your progress between your platform’s account and your Bungie account get linked. You can invite the Bungie account holder to your game, or add them as a friend in your roster menu.

How To Disable Destiny 2 Crossplay

One of the notable weaknesses of crossplay is that console gamers naturally have a disadvantage against PC players in FPS games. If you find that you despise playing with or against PC players, both Xbox and Playstation users can turn off crossplay if they wish. Do be aware that Bungie considers the Stadia as a console, so you may technically find you will encounter some PC players via the Stadia option.

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If you are wondering how to disable the Destiny 2 crossplay feature, we have you covered. It is straightforward, especially on a PlayStation. If you are on PlayStation, you can turn off the crossplay setting within the in-game settings. However, it is a bit more tricky if you are on an Xbox.

Xbox players will need to head into the console’s settings to disable the Destiny 2 crossplay.

  • Head over to your Account’s privacy settings.
  • Xbox privacy settings.
  • Details and Customization.
  • Communication and Multiplayer.
  • Block the “you can play with people outside of Xbox Live” setting.

Unfortunately, we do not play Destiny 2 on Xbox, so there might be an option to turn off Destiny 2 crossplay in-game that we cannot verify. However, we are aware of this privacy method, so we figured it worth mentioning. If you happen to spot the disable crossplay in Destiny 2’s menus for Xbox, let us know in the comments and we will update the article. If you opt for opting out of crossplay, why not check out Bungie’s find a fireteam forum online?

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