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Archive of Twilight Emblem

Ah the age old problem of emblems not appearing, let's put that right and find out what's going on

Updated: Feb 22, 2022 10:15 am
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Bungie has released lots of new emblems for Destiny 2 in the game’s store but many players are complaining of the fact that, even after redeeming the code, the emblem is not appearing for them, so what is going on and how can you fix it? Let’s have a little look, shall we?

Archive of Twilight Emblem not appearing

Strangely, Bungie chose to release new emblems without making it explicitly clear that they would not be available in-game until the game restarted with the Witch Queen expansion later on the 22nd of February. This has caused confusion among some of the player base, but rest assured, once the game comes back online later today (for times that will happen see here) the emblem if you have snapped it up, will be available for you.

This also applies to any other emblem that wasn’t appearing before the servers went down for maintenance.

If you still have problems after the game has settled down then you may need to reach out to Bungie support for further assistance.

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