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Destiny 2 is at capacity as Witch Queen expansion goes live

Welcome to the club Destiny players.

Updated: Feb 22, 2022 6:29 pm
Destiny 2 is at capacity as Witch Queen expansion goes live

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What’s this, another MMO with server queues? Welcome to the club, Destiny 2! It appears that fans of Destiny have encountered a pop-up resulting in a Destiny 2 at capacity prompt. Once again, another MMO has launched with queues longer than the server capacity, causing wait times of up to an hour and potentially longer.

The good news is that Bungie is aware of the issue. In fact, Bungie even warned of the issue before it happened. It turns out with the Destiny 2 Witch Queen maintenance is complete, and the login handshaking servers are rammed with players trying to get in. The result is that the Destiny 2 servers are at capacity, and now players are waiting to log in.

As it stands, there is no queue position feature, typical with other MMOs. It appears players are left on a menu waiting until they are through. According to some players on Twitter, the queue takes roughly an hour to get in-game. However, with the servers now live, especially at peak hours for European players, you may find it takes longer to get in-game.

It turns out that Bungie messed up the launch of Destiny 2 on PS4. They said hours before launch, players will need to open the game and download the 74GB update as the server went live. However, it means that PS4 players have to download the game then join the queue. It means some players will not be on until tomorrow. The other bad news is that PS4 players will have t wait longer to play the game.

Sitting in a queue is not unheard of for MMOS. The New World queues had more players in the queue than on the servers at launch, and the Lost Ark Central European servers are that big they had to make a brand new data centre to accommodate players.

If you’re one of those in the Destiny 2 queue, waiting to be relieved of the Destiny 2 at capacity pop up, why not read the full Destiny 2 patch notes while you wait?

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