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How to Get the Most Devotion in Cult of the Lamb

Devotion is key in Cult of the Lamb, and we'll show you how to make the most of it!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022 8:34 pm
Cult Of The Lamb Key Art

Praying at your shrine generates Devotion in Cult of the Lamb; the resource that allows you to grow your cult from a sanctified start-up into a truly fearsome flock

Whenever you amass enough devotion, you’ll unlock a point of Divine inspiration. These can be spent to unlock new upgrades and buildings in Cult of the Lamb. The more Devotion you generate, the quicker you’ll be able to grow and upgrade. 

There are several ways to ensure that you are producing as much Devotion as possible, and we’ll walk you through them with our Cult of the Lamb guide.

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Cult Of The Lamb Devotion Guide – Construct A Tabernacle Where Your Followers Work 

Cult of the Lamb Taberncale Divine Inspiration

The Tabernacle is one of the earliest building upgrades that you can unlock with Divine Inspiration in Cult of the Lamb. This building allows your followers who are working to pray and leave devotion for you to collect throughout the day. As a Follower being at work usually means they are unable to generate Devotion at the Shrine, constructing a Tabernacle is a way of building and farming without suffering too drastic a loss in Devotion generation. 

Be warned, proximity matters when building a Tabernacle. There will be no effect if the Tabernacle is placed far away from where your followers congregate and work. 

Cult of the Lamb Devotion Guide – Build The Best Beds 

Cult of the Lamb Grand SHelter Divine Inspiration

Shelter is one of the things you must prioritize when first starting Cult of the Lamb, but there’s no reason to stick with flimsy sleeping bags forever.

Besides the fact that they never break, it’s well worth upgrading to the highest level of shelter for your followers, as these buildings collect Devotion for you to harvest as your followers sleep.

Invoke The Right Rituals 

Cult of the Lamb Devotion Ritual

The Ritual of Enlightenment can be unlocked at your Temple in Cult of the Lamb.

Doing so provides a massive bonus to your Devotion generation. When active, this Ritual increases Devotion generation at your shrine by 20%. It’s well worth spending a few bones for such a substantial buff. 

Keep the Fires Burning 

Shrine Flame

The Shrine Flame Upgrade is another early unlock in Cult of the Lamb, and one that’s well worth getting when focusing on Devotion.

Feeding kindling – in the form of grass and lumber – to the flame in front of your shrine increases the rate at which your followers generate Devotion for a substantial amount of time. If you have any spare resources lying around, it’s always worth giving them to the flame. 

Pump Out Propaganda 

Propaganda Speakers

Propaganda Speakers may take a while to unlock in Cult of the Lamb, but the Devotion boost they provide is well worth the time investment.

Placing a Propaganda Speaker and fueling it with a gold bar increases the rate at which nearby followers work and pray by 20%. This buff stacks with others received from the Shrine Flame and Ritual of Enlightenment, allowing you to rake in the Devotion. 

As with the Tabernacle, proximity to your working followers is important. Be sure to build the speakers close to your shrine to boost as many praying followers as possible. 

Look for Zealous Weapons On A Run 

Don’t feel as if you must stick around your cult to make the most out of Devotion generation. While being near the shrine ensures that you’re always on hand to absorb Devotion when the shrine begins to get full, there are ways to acquire just as much – if not more – Devotion while on a Crusade in Cult of the Lamb.  

When you’ve leveled up enough at the Temple to unlock Zealous Weapons, you cano equip these powerful tools while out on a run. Zealous weapons give you an additional bonus when picking up Fervour drops. Each Fervour orb you acquire also increases your Devotion by one.  

It’s possible to gain multiple points of Divine Inspiration in a single run, just from the Fervour you’re picking up with Zealous Weapons. And what’s more, you’ll likely return to the cult to find your shrine full of extra Devotion to harvest, too. 

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