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Diablo 4 All Shrine Locations in Fractured Peaks

Updated: Mar 24, 2023 4:45 pm
Diablo 4 All Shrine Locations in Fractured Peaks

If you’re heading into the Diablo 4 beta this weekend then one thing we recommend doing is nailing down the Diablo 4 shrine locations in Fractured Peaks. Such shrines will be all the regions of Diablo 4 when the game releases in June too, so they’re going to be incredible useful to learn about and work into your Diablo 4 vernacular. While they seem, at first, to be unimportant random structures at the start, they off more and will give you various bonuses and boons.

As we all enjoy the open beta (hopefully, unless you’re staring at Diablo 4 queued for login wait time) we’ve got the lowdown on all the shrine locations in Diablo 4’s first area, Fractured Peaks, and why you should seek them out.

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Diablo 4 shrine locations in Fractured Peaks

This is something that is far easier to show than tell, so below you’ll find a handy picture showing you precisely where all the shrines are in the Fractured Peaks region.

Diablo 4 shrine locations 1

What do shrines do in Diablo 4

The bonuses and benefits of shrines in Diablo 4 vary depending on the shrine itself. However, the shrine will grant you a boost that last 30 seconds, whatever the nature of it exactly. And there are seven kinds of bonuses that you can get. In Alphabetical order they are:

  1. Artillery Shrine – grants a boost to your attack speed and all your attacks also summon holy arrows
  2. Blast Wave Shrine – a weird one, but you occasionally explode, or emit explosions which damage enemies
  3. Channeling Shrine – your skills have reduced cooldown and cost nothing to cast
  4. Conduit Shrine – you can shock enemies
  5. Greed Shrine – enemies drop gold when you strike them, and you also collect gold from further away
  6. Lethal Shrine – probably a favourite; all skills deal more damage and boost your critical strike rate
  7. Protection Shrine – gives you invulnerability for a short time

A curve ball for these shrines in Diablo 4 is that they also have a chance of being cursed – a fun variation right? – which brings a different potential boost. These cursed shrines bring on waves of enemies you have to slay; and if you’re successful you get a chest as well as the boost that it would have offered were it not cursed. A bit of risk and reward variation.

If you’re playing multiplayer, remember that every player has to interact with the shrine individually to get the boosts. The other note is that shrine effects do not stack – you can’t get double boosts at the same time.

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