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Is there an endgame in Diablo 4?

Updated: Jun 12, 2023 3:49 pm
Is there an endgame in Diablo 4?

Diablo IV from Blizzard, the newest title in the hellish Diablo series, has plenty of content for players to enjoy. Legendary loot and a new story and lore are just the tip of the iceberg. Is there endgame gameplay for players in Diablo IV? We’re here to let you know.

Does Diablo 4 have an endgame?

Yes, Diablo IV has plenty of activities for fans to do even after beating the main quest line and defeating Lilith in the endgame content. You can repeat activities you’ve already done and beat world bosses in the open world of Sanctuary, as well as unlock a host of features:

  • Capstone and Nightmare Dungeons
  • The Paragon Board
  • Grim Favors
  • Whispers of the Dead
  • Helltides
  • Fields of Hatred

Diablo 4 – What is the endgame?

Capstone Dungeons are for levels 50-70 and are more difficult dungeons than seen in the main story, while Nightmare Dungeons are significantly more difficult versions of the dungeons you’ve already played through, with tougher monsters and legendary gear to collect.

The Paragon Board allows your character to level up even higher with Paragon Points to get your character from level 50 to level 100, the max level in the game. This will unlock stronger skills and is able to build your character stats up even more, in the Paragon System.

Grim Favors and Whispers of the Dead go hand in hand, as the Grim Favors are limited-time, difficult events that spawn in the overworld which reward you with activity points that you bring to the Tree of Whispers in Hawezar for special treasure chests containing legendary items and better loot. These activities are Whispers of the Dead, which are only unlocked after beating the main story.

Helltides only happen in World Tier 3 and above, and they’ll transform a section of Sanctuary into a scorched hellscape where you can farm special items like Fiend Roses and Aberrant Cinders. You’ll find plenty of horrifying enemies there for you to combat, and caches and Helltide chests in the Helltide areas.

Finally, the Fields of Hatred are Diablo IV’s PvP zones, where you can battle other players with your party or go solo, to obtain Seeds of Hatred used for special cosmetics in PvP mode.

Even after completing the main story, there’s still plenty to do in Diablo IV during the endgame activities, so don’t put the game back on your shelf yet, and get to the activities above to truly save Sanctuary.

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