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Diablo 4 Open Beta end time UK / US – here’s when the beta ends

Updated: Mar 27, 2023 2:39 pm
Diablo 4 Open Beta end time UK / US – here’s when the beta ends

While the full Diablo 4 release date is still a while off (early June), we’re deep into open beta territory – with the full-fat, open-to-all weekend set to launch, gamers are already dreading it coming to an end.

For some quick context, those who bagged a Diablo 4 pre-order have had their ‘private’ early access open between March 17–19. Last weekend, patient Diablo fans got treated to another beta – this time open to everyone.

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This kicked off on March 24 but is set to end in a matter of hours. There is no news yet on whether the Diablo 4 has been extended, or if there will be another one coming up before the full release, so you need to get in as much game time possible.

Those who are wondering when exactly the Diablo 4 open beta ends have come to the right place. We have all the information right here.

Diablo 4 open beta end time

diablo 4 open beta end time

Cutting to it, the open beta ends on March 27 at 12pm PT / 12pm ET / 8pm BST. So, depending on what region you’re in, please check the below:

Diablo 4 open beta end time – UK

It’s worth remembering that the UK (and European) times will have altered due to the pre-summertime clock change, which happened over the weekend.

  • March 27 8pm BST

Diablo 4 open beta end time – US

  • March 27 at 12pm PT / 12pm ET

Here’s a visual reminder for you, and don’t forget to check out countdown for the Diablo 4 open beta start time, too!

If you haven’t played the beta but quickly want a go on it, you won’t need a Diablo 4 beta access key per se, as you’ll just be able to navigate to the game in the webstore of your choosing and engage the download of the beta from there. Simples.

Diablo 4 open beta classes

During the Early Access weekend, players only had access to three of the five classes: Barbarian, Rogue, or Sorcerer. However, this weekend’s upcoming open beta weekend will grant players access to the remaining two character classes: the earthen Druid and undead-wielding Necromancer.

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How do I play the Diablo 4 open beta?

All you’ll have to do is go to your storefront of choice search for ‘Diablo 4’ or ‘Diablo 4 open beta and you’ll be able to download it and start up like any other game.

Will there be more than 5 classes in Diablo 4?

Five playable classes have been announced, but fans are suggesting that a Paladin cha’racter may return. The latest Diablo 4 trailer features an army backed by Inarius, marching into Hell with shields bearing the symbol of the Zakarum, the religious organization from Diablo 2. Based on those Zakarum symbols, fans believe it’s likely that Diablo 4 will bring us the return of the Paladins.

Is Diablo 4 gender locked?

Diablo 4 Classes are not Gender locked. Players can be a male or female of any class. You can do this in Character Creation.

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