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Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage guide: Beat the Tax Collector

We guide you through the Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage event in Ashwold Cemetery

Updated: Jun 8, 2022 6:26 pm
Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage guide: Beat the Tax Collector

Diablo Immortal has taken some inspiration from Lost Ark, with its many regions in the game offering some form of mini world boss. The first instance of this is in the Ashwold cemetery, which is the first location you can encounter these world boss events. 

In particular, the Ashwold Cemetery offers players the chance to encounter Diablo Immortal’s Haunted Carriage event. It summons the Tax Collector, the first world boss of Diablo Immortal. Here is everything you need to know about these two aspects of the game.

What is the Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage event?

The Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage event is the first timed event that happens. You can occasionally see a countdown in each zone which tells you when something is about to happen, especially when you have unlocked Paragon levels by hitting 60 and finishing the main story of the game. In the Ashowld, you may see a counter for the Haunted Carriage event. It’s very much like a countdown for Lost Ark’s world bosses. 

When the event reaches zero, a boss will spawn. In this instance, it is Diablo Immortal’s Tax Collector. To take part in the event you simply need to wait for the event counter to run down. Once it has, you will get a pop-up saying that you can take part in the event and take on the boss from the event.   Agree to it then you’ll be notified of the location of the event boss. In this instance, you will find the location of the haunted carriage. You and those taking part in the event need to take out the undead guards for the Haunted Carriage, along with following it to its several destinations to beat the event.

Diablo Immortal Tax Collector

Eventually, you will take out the Haunted Carriage, and then you will be able to fight the Tax Collector boss. The Tax Collector spawns after the carriage goes to several destinations around the cemetery. When it spawns it will be a large boss surrounded by players. It is not too tricky, as it uses a variety of circular and directional attacks to deal damage. Plus there are a few hostile enemy mobs in the area. If you get with anything don’t worry as the boss periodically spawn health globes around it to heal, along with your health consumes you already have.

Upon defeating the boss, you can get a lot of Enchanted Dust, a material useful for upgrading your main armor sets to get more of your primary attributes, along with an unidentified orange quality item. These events are certainly worth doing if you can be in the area at the right time.

So, for those adventuring out there, good luck with your Diablo Immortal Haunted Carriage event, and may the Tax Collector offer you the unidentified legendary perfect for your build. If you need more ed game hell activities, then there’s even more, such as the one in Zavain.

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