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Diablo Immortal Monk Build: Single target and AOE builds

We guide you through our Diablo Immortal Monk build, showcasing builds for single target, AOE, and even PvP and levelling.

Updated: Jun 2, 2022 3:46 pm
Diablo Immortal Monk Build: Single target and AOE builds

The Monk is the holy martial artist of the Diablo Immortal class roster. It is a great class, which strong crowd control capabilities, and significant AOE damage, making the class perfect for dungeons grinders, solo levellers and more. There are slight variances to the Monk’s typical build with the variety of spells and skills to use. So, with no further ado, here is how to build a monk in Diablo Immortal.

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Diablo Immortal Monk Guide

Diablo Immortal Monk build
The monk has strong movement and AOE skills. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Depending on the type of content you want to run, your skills will change. Single target spells require a greater focus on cooldowns and your primary fire. On the other hand, the dungeons and open-world mob grinding will require more AOE and cleave damage skills. So, adapt your build as required. Below you will find the typical core skills for both of those situations.

Single target core skills:

  • Seven-Sided Strike – A strike that hits seven times, and also causes you to become immune. You can use it on cooldown or use it to evade damage.
  • Mystic Allies – Your primary single target skill. The skill summons two spirits to aid you in battle, significantly increasing your DPS to singe targets bosses.
  • Cyclone Strike – Charged Skill that deals AOE damage and gets stronger the longer you hold the charge. It can also be modified to deal even more damage with appropriate legendaries. 
  • Mystic Strike – A dash ability that can also pull enemies closer to you and deal damage. Ideally, use this to dodge enemy mechanics or escape other certain doom.

AOE core skills:

  • Cyclone Strike – Charged AOE skill that increases the damage the longer it’s charged.
  • Exploding Palm -Deal damage that also applies a bleed. Enemies who die while the bleed is active explode.
  • Seven-sided Strike – Attacks enemies seven times, dealing damage to an enemy in range at random.
  • Wave of Light – Cruch enemies under a wave of light, max two charges.

You may remove Wave of Light and use Mystic Allies only if you get all the core legendaries to improve Mystic Allies. But otherwise, the extra stacking AOE is worth more value until then.

For both builds, you want to use the Fists of Thunder primary fire attack. It allows you to teleport to a nearby enemy and unleash a rapid succession of attacks. You then teleport again after each third attack on a foe. It makes it both ideal for repositioning while your cooldown is down and doing strong, consistent damage to single targets and AOE enemies. 

If you’re opting to play PvP, there are even more skills to consider.

  • Shield of Zen – Grants a shield that negates the next loss of control effect on your or your ally.
  • Flying Kick – Kick a target away; hitting them into walls deals an additional 100% damage. Max 3 charges.
  • Lightning Flux – Enhances Fist of Thunder primary attack to deal more damage and grant a life shield equal to 20% of your life for three seconds.
  • Seven-sided Strike – Attack seven times and become immune while casting the skill.

It is worth mentioning that the Monk is by far one of the best PvP classes in Diablo Immortal.

Monk build legendaries and awakening effects

Diablo Immortal Monk legendaries
The Monk can pump out really strong single target DPS with the right legendaries and skills. Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

Below is a table that shows the legendaries you want to use depending on the single target or AOE build you are running.

HelmThe Open Mind or Crippling InsightOpen Mind – increases the damage of your Mystic Allies, and the awakening increases their life.

Crippling Insight – Grants another stack of Exploding Palm, and its awakening reduces cooldown by 10%
ShoulderDiscipline’s WeightSeven-sided Strike damage increased by 10%, and cooldown reduced by 10% when awakened.
ChestStorm SpiritTurn your Cyclone Strike into a powerful tornado, that continuously damages enemies.
The awakening effect increases damage by 10%
LegCompanion’s Melody or Chastising RadianceCompanion’s Melody – Single Target Increases the duration of your Mystic Allies by 25% with the awakening, decreasing the cooldown by 10%

Chastising Radiance – AOE
Increases the damage of your wave of light skill by 10% and reduces the cooldown by 10% when awakened.
Main handRod of Echoes or Dragon IndignationRod Of Echoes reduces the cooldown of Mystic Allies by 15% and increases their life by 10% when awakened.

Dragon Indignation adds a burning effect to your Seven-sided strike and decreases its cooldown by 10% when awakened.
Off-handEye of the StormIncreases Cyclone Strike by 20% with its awakening, reducing the cooldown by 10%.

As you can see, there’s plenty of cross over between single target and AOE legendaries. There are a few legendaries to get for a slot depending on your build. You may need to collect multiple legendaries for different slots, but that can be replaced largely with some luck on the Mystic Allies legendaries.

Monk Paragon Points

Paragon is an end game specialization tree that allows you to invest points into passives. There are several trees, but the most you want to invest in are Vanquisher and Survivor. Vanquisher is an ideal one as it increases your damage. You’re a class with plenty of sure-fire ways to land your primary fire, so the modifiers there are solid additions, along with Exorcism improving your damage to monsters. Zeal also helps those kill streaks, which is great for your AOE build on your Monk.

Getting some added Survivor or soldier perks is not a bad shout either, and you are always in melee range. The class has plenty of melee skills, and the primary fire will have you teleporting to the melee range at all times. You may also go Survivor if you see yourself playing solo more and need the pseudo cheat death features. If you play in a group, then Soldier will feel better for you for general damage reduction buffs per your party size and allies nearby.

Diablo Immortal Monk levelling build

Luckily for the Monk, you get quite a lot of your core skills early on. Plus, you will naturally use more AOE damage skills in this build, as you will fight more packs. But, there are many bosses, so you will need one or two single target skills.

First four skills:

  • Seven-sided Strike – Level 1
  • Flying Kick – Level 1
  • Cyclone Strike – Level 3
  • Wave Strike – Level 8

At level 15, you get Mystic Strike, which is a nice ability you can use for some added mobility. It should help you level faster as you travel between your destinations much faster. It is also a better movement skill than Flying Kick. Swap those two abilities if you want to.

Exploding Palm unlocks at level 20, so you want to replace Wave Strike. Use the ability as you engage, then follow it up with Cyclone and Seven-sided Strike to get the explosive bleeds off for pure AOE destruction.

At level 41 Wave of Light unlocks. Feel free to use this skill if you want or keep the build you have. Although, you should use it just to level your skill up as you get to the end of the game.

Finally, at level 50, you gain Mystic Allies. This is your big cooldown for single target DPS, and then your big AOE cooldown if you get the legendries. We also advise using this if you know you have a big boss coming up to get some experience on the skill.

Monk Strength and Weaknesses

  • Great AOE
  • Strong single target Mystic Allies cooldown
  • Legendaries can almost grant 100% uptime on primary cooldown
  • Amazing PvP
  • Amazing mobility
  • Legendary reliant for streamlined aoe and single target builds
  • Optimal builds lack party utility
  • Ca be outclassed by Necros, Barbs and Demon Hunters in certain aspects of DPS.

This concludes our Diablo Immortal Monk build guide. As you can see, this is a flexible and effective class. If you like the playstyle, the rotation combos, and the class’s flexibility, this is certainly a pick for you. It is a great class and is one of the jack of all trades.

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