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Did Monty kill Bonnie in FNAF?

Where is Bonnie? Why is he not in Security Breach and should we perhaps accuse Monty?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022 3:30 pm

So you’ve been playing or watching Security Breach, right? And you’ve immediately asked yourself, where’s Bonnie? The purple rabbit has been featured in every single FNAF game since its original one all the way back in 2014. In fact, the main trio have been at the forefront of all the games, with Freddy, Chica and Bonnie being the lead three.

And yet, in Security Breach, we’re sorely lacking in the purple bunny. A certain someone else having taken his spot, Monty the Alligator. And considering the sinister events of the Fnaf series and Monty’s temper and violent demeanour, this does lead us to wonder perhaps if Monty killed Bonnie in FNAF Security Breach?

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Where is Bonnie in Security Breach?

It’s a simple question, right? Did Monty kill Bonnie in FNAF? Well… the answer isn’t quite as simple.

As we learn that certain animatronics actually have ‘understudies’ or replacements who are ready to take another’s place were something to happen. But with all the FNAF games, and even in-world, there are always only 4 animatronics on-stage. Each of which tend to have a replacement ready to go if needs be, and Monty was Bonnie’s replacement. As Roxanne is Foxy’s replacement.

However, even a few kids in-world have asked where Bonnie went, to which employees don’t have a valid answer. Or at least one that’s not child-friendly. So whatever happened, they didn’t want to explicitly share that with. And it wouldn’t have been due to Bonnie’s lack of popularity, he’s still one of the main ‘four’, and throughout the Pizzaplex there’s still attractions and places themed around him.

So what’s the likely answer? Well perhaps Monty was tired of being in the shadows, always waiting for his time to shine that never came. And instead Monty took it upon himself to ‘remove’ Bonnie. By either dismantling or disassembling him so as to take his spot.

Or there’s another possibility. All throughout the games, Bonnie has always been the most violent one. The animatronic that’s often the first to attack. It’s equally possible that maybe Bonnie didn’t like the idea of having a ‘replacement’ waiting for him to break or just outstay his welcome. So Bonnie went to attack Monty, but – as we know – Monty is especially strong and with his claws, a deadly animatronic. Perhaps Monty was simply acting in self defence? But having been turned on for simply existing made him angry, untrusting and violent.

We know that Monty doesn’t like Freddy, as seen in the Monty Golf minigame performance. where you can see Monty standing centre-stage with Roxy and Chica, but Freddy has been put in the trash. And as we know, Bonnie and Freddy were good friends.

Then again, this is just a theory. I’m sure a certain someone will have answers for us soon.

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