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Digimon Survive Battle Guide – Free Cursor, SP, Party Roles & More

We'll help you master Digimon Survive's battle system and turn your opponents to digital dust!

Updated: Aug 2, 2022 9:39 pm
Digimon Survive Battle Guide – Free Cursor, SP, Party Roles & More

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Digimon Survive’s battle system giving you trouble? 

There are a lot of different systems to get used to if you want to master Digimon Survive’s tactical battles.

We’ll teach you what you need to know with our Digimon Survive Battle guide.

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Digimon Survive Guide – Learn Enemy Weaknesses 

DIGIMON SURVIVE elemental resistance

In terms of stats, your Digimon’s strengths are split between physical attack, physical defense, special attack, and special defense in Digimon Survive. To maximize your damage output, have your strongest physical attackers concentrate their moves that deal physical damage on enemy Digimon with lower physical defense. The same is true for special attack and defense.  

While it’s tempting to just focus all your fire on one enemy at a time, exploiting weaknesses in enemy stats often has a greater impact.

In addition, each Digimon in Digimon Survive has different elemental resistances. If you can hit a Digimon with low fire resistance with a fire-elemental move like Pepper Breath, the damage will be far higher than normal. 

If you exploit both low physical or special defense and elemental resistance at the same time, few enemy Digimon can withstand your party’s attacks.

Acquire More Info with the Free Cursor 


It’s all well and good to want to exploit gaps in your enemies’ defense, but how do you even get that information to begin with? The free cursor.

When in battle, simply switch to the free cursor and highlight enemy Digimon. You’ll be prompted to examine their stats, which includes all the info needed to deal maximum damage.

Digimon Survive Battle Guide – Use Back and Side Attacks Wherever Possible 

Digimon survive Guilmon

In Digimon Survive, the way you position your team is crucial to success. 

Whenever a Digimon in your party is about to end its turn, you can choose the direction it faces until its next turn begins. Learn to use positioning to your advantage, as a Digimon that’s attacked from the back or sides takes more damage than when attacked from the front. 

High movement is just as important to your party members as damage-dealing stats. Covering more squares each turn allows you a greater chance of moving behind foes and dealing extra damage. 

Equally, be aware of enemies with high movement, as they can easily encircle and surround your team. You’ll take extra damage from back and side attacks, just the same as enemy Digimon.

Keep An Eye on SP Consumption 


It’s tempting to go wild in Digimon Survive, using your team’s strongest techniques and Digivolving at the start of every battle.

Flashy moves and high-level Digivolutions have huge impact and often leave enemy Digimon reeling.  But if you aren’t careful, you can quickly run out of SP and leave yourself on the back foot. 

Thankfully, all isn’t lost when you have no SP remaining. When you don’t take any actions during your turn, you regenerate a small amount of SP. 

While this means that your SP isn’t fully gone for the rest of the battle, you’ll have a much harder time going on the offensive once you hit zero.  

Rather than constantly using your flashiest moves on weaker Digimon, it’s best to use basic attacks where possible, and conserve your abilities for the most dangerous threats.

That said, it’s worth throwing out an ability or digivolution early on to clear up some smaller enemies and give your side an early numbers advantage. Proper use of SP isn’t about hoarding a stockpile until the end of every fight, but knowing where and when your abilities will have the most impact. 

Digimon Survive Battle Guide – Use Diverse Party Roles 

party roles

Digimon Survive features over 100 powerful Digimon to add to your squad and battle with. With that many monsters, you ought to be able to crush any opposition. Just make sure you aren’t fielding a squad full of heavy physical attackers, or a whole group of fire-breathing dragons. You’ll only run into trouble when you bump into enemies with high physical defense or a wall of Meramon that takes next to no damage from your flames.  

Many Digimon fill different roles in your squad and diversifying is the best way to ensure an effective team composition. 

Including a Digimon capable of healing skills like Labramon will serve you far better than a squad only capable of offense. For better positioning, bring Digimon capable of ranged attacks as well as powerful close-up hits. Different elemental attacks are always useful to break through elemental resistances. 

Balance Defense and Offense 

 battlefield gallantmon preview

Many RPG players will be familiar with the term ‘action economy’. Often in turn-based games, the team that is able to act most frequently has a sizeable advantage over the other.

While this holds true in most cases, it doesn’t mean you should constantly be rushing in and attacking in Digimon Survive’s battles. Patience is rewarded as often as bravery, and passing a turn without taking an action is frequently the right move to make. 

While it may seem like a waste of a turn, it’s often the exact opposite. When you pass a turn in Digimon Survive, that Digimon takes a defensive stance, heavily reducing incoming damage until their next turn. As such, passing a turn is as much an active choice as using a skill or item.

Defending reduces the chances of your weakened Digimon being removed from the fight. It can also be used to bait your opponents into attacking a Digimon with higher defense. If the enemy team is wasting attacks on a defending Digimon, that leaves the rest of your team unscathed, ready to move in and attack.

That does it for our guide to Digimon Survive’s battle system. If you need any more tips on getting started in Digimon Survive, we have our Beginner’s Guide available right here.

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