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How to Digivolve Starter Digimon in Digimon Survive

Digivolve your partners into powerful new forms with our Digimon Survive guide

Updated: Jul 30, 2022 4:28 pm
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Want to know how to Digivolve your starter Digimon in Digimon Survive ? 

In the age-old war of Digimon Vs Pokémon, one thing has always given Digimon the upper hand. Digivolution!

Pokémon might evolve once or twice if they’re lucky, but Digimon have tons of possible transformations, and partner Digimon can revert into their adorable Rookie forms when the battle is done. 

Naturally, you’ll want to know how to make your starter Digimon Digivolve in Digimon Survive as soon as possible.

We’ve got the answers and will walk you through how to Digivolve starter Digimon right here.

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How to Digivolve Agumon in Digimon Survive

digimon survive tyrannomon karma digivolve

Other party members’ starter Digimon have relatively linear Digivolution paths. Their champion and ultimate forms are locked to a single choice. Mega forms often offers a selection between several options, but for the most part, these digivolutions offer lots of power but little in the way of choice. 

But if you think you know what you’re going to get when Agumon Digivolves, think again.  

Takuma’s partner Digimon has many different possible evolved forms, with each unlocking depending on your main Karma score at different points in the story. 

When exploring the school at the end of part 1 in Digimon Survive, players come into conflict with Dokugumon.

Things look dire partway through fighting this web-weaving foe, forcing Agumon to access hidden reserves of power and triggering a starter Digimon Digivolve.

If your Moral Karma was highest at this point in Digimon Survive, Agumon transforms into Greymon. If you favored Harmony choices, then Agumon becomes Tyrannomon. Lastly, Agumon become Tuskmon if you picked mostly Wrathful Karma options. 

How to Digivolve Falcomon 

digimon survive falcomon diatrymon digivolve Agumon Karma

Minoru starts Digimon Survive as a carefree kid, not taking anything too seriously. His bond with his starter Digimon, Falcomon, allows him to begin to take responsibility and help guide the party out of their situation.  

Partway through chapter 2, the party battles three Gazimon. At the start of this battle, Falcomon Digivolves into Diatrymon. Having two possible champion Digimon allows you to easily turn the tide in this fight. 

How to Digivolve Labromon 

digimon survive labramon

Aoi and Labramon come a long way over the course of part 2. Aoi was captured by Dokugumon at the end of part 1, leaving her out of the battle with the malevolent spider Digimon. The two are determined to stand as an equal part of the team from then on.  

During the boss battle with Fangmon at the end of part 2, Labramon reminds Aoi of their bond and strength as a partnership. Labramon then digivolves automatically into Dobermon. While Labramon has mostly been useful as a healer up until now, Dobermon packs a powerful offensive punch as well.

Digivolving Recruited Digimon 

Your starter Digimon aren’t the only ones that can evolve and grow in Digimon Survive. The Digimon that you recruit and add to your party also have stronger forms that you can unlock.  

Unlike starter Digimon that get stronger as the story progresses, recruited Digimon need an evolution item in order to Digivolve. And once they do, they stay permanently in their evolved form. 

There are a limited number of evolution items throughout Digimon Survive, so be certain that you want to spend them before Digivolving. 

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