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Do enemies respawn in Jedi Survivor?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023 3:37 pm
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Enemies reappearing is a staple of the Soulslike genre of gaming but that won’t stop folks from asking ‘do enemies respawn in Jedi Survivor?’ as the latest game in the series arrives with us. And since Jedi: Survivor – and its predecessor Fallen Order – might not be what you call a Soulslike in the traditional sense because they do some things differently, many fans of the Star Wars franchise have been wondering if enemies respawn in it.

If you’re one such person wondering this, then you’re at the right place as we’ll be going through everything you need to know about enemies respawning in Jedi: Survivor.

Do Enemies Respawn in Jedi Survivor?

Enemies do indeed respawn in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, much like in Fallen Order – and pretty much every other Soulslike game. Similar to other Soulslike games, enemies will respawn either when you rest at a meditation point and regain your health, or if you leave the planet and come back to it.

Of course, this also applies to any mini-boss you might come across while exploring a planet. If you kill one and rest at a meditation point, you’ll find that mini-boss will have respawned. However, if you kill it and get the rewards from what it was guarding, then those items won’t respawn so you’ll have a bit less of a reason to return.

Although some players don’t like this feature, it can’t be argued that it definitely adds more replay value to the game and makes visiting past planets much more interesting. After all, no one wants to explore a planet that doesn’t have any enemies left, right? Thus making enemies respawn in Jedi Survivor take on a bit of an extra edge – plus that means you can return to some unfortunate stormtroopers and unleash some extra cool moves and abilities on them after you’ve leveled up.

This also forces players to have to think about when they save their progress and restore their health. If you hit low health and go back to a past meditation point, you might be forced to go through waves of enemies all over again just to get to where you were before. In such a scenario, it might be better to try reaching a meditation point in a later area.

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Will enemies respawn in Jedi Survivor?

Yes, enemies respawn in Jedi Survivor, common enemies like Stormtroopers are expected to respawn so you’ll them countless of times!

Do bosses respawn in Jedi Survivor?

Yes, mini-bosses tend to reset every time you visit that world.

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