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Does Resident Evil 3 Remake have ray tracing?

Ray tracing to bring RE3 up to date

Updated: Apr 20, 2023 9:19 am
Does Resident Evil 3 Remake have ray tracing

As you may expect, we’re here to answer the question: does Resident Evil 3 Remake have ray tracing? If you’re looking to play through one of the survival horror classics from the Resident Evil franchise, then modern graphical improvements such as ray tracing are a must for some.

We’ve already talked about ray tracing in the RE2 and RE4 remakes, so let’s see how Resident Evil 3 fares when it comes to it’s ray tracing implementation.

Anyone unaware of what ray tracing is should get their research in – but here’s a quick summary. Ray tracing provides much more realistic graphical quality in terms of shadows and reflections. This aims to provide much higher levels of detail, which is perfect (and frightening) when Nemesis is chasing you down tight corridors.

Resident Evil 3 Remake ray tracing

The Resident Evil 3 remake had an array of ray tracing options to take advantage on following it’s release. You can see this is gameplay videos, but the difference is much more clear when you take a look at a comparison, such as the one just below.

While it’s nice to see a classic game remade in the modern era while taking advantage of the latest in graphics tech, there has been an interesting update to the Resident Evil 3 Remake ray tracing options.

Ray tracing removed from Resident Evil 3 Remake

The latest development for ray tracing is Resident Evil 3 is it’s surprising removal. Over on Reddit, a post by u/pmc64 seems to be one of the first mentions of the removal of ray tracing in the RE3 remake, with RE2 receiving the same treatment.

Everyone has understandably been left a little confused following the update which removed these ray tracing options. It’s uncertain whether this is actually a mistake or not from Capcom, so we hope to see a follow-up with news of it’s return.

Ray tracing to be added back to Resident Evil 3 Remake

We can now get some closure on the confusion of the ray tracing removal in RE3, as RE Games announced that ray tracing will be returning to the Resident Evil 3 remake. This seems to be have been an error that was overlooked in a previous update, and it will be addressed in a coming update. That means we don’t have to speculate to why ray tracing was removed in the first place – it all seems like a simple mistake.

Many players have already enjoyed their playthrough of RE3 with ray tracing on, so we’re happy to see it’s return to make sure that players late to the party don’t miss out.

resident evil ray tracing issue tweet

Resident Evil 3 Remake ray tracing FAQs

What is ray tracing in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

Ray tracing is a rendering technique for lighting that provides a more realistic view of the game’s world. This is thanks to real-time reflections and shadows which massively improve the graphical fidelity.

When is ray tracing coming to Resident Evil 3 Remake?

Ray tracing was available in the Resident Evil 3 remake upon release, and has always been available for console players. This is the same for PC players, though Steam users did have ray tracing removed for a short period of time due to a mistake in an update.

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