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Does Star Wars Jedi Survivor have DLSS?

Trying to improve your performance, you might look out for the DLSS option

Updated: May 1, 2023 7:08 am
Does Star Wars Jedi Survivor have DLSS?

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If you’ve picked up the sequel Star Wars game, you might have encountered some of the performance issues that have come with the release. Releasing with negative reviews, the game has struggled to run well, so to help you might consider, does Star Wars Jedi Survivor have DLSS?

It might be the way to try and save your experience on the game, but it might not be enough still. As there seems to be a fundamental issue with the game. But once that is patched, you still may be interested if you can improve your performance with your hardware. But no the game does not have Deep Learning Super Sampling.

The feature runs the game at a lower resolution, then upscales them. With an AI to improve the look of it and not make it as obvious with it trying to look close to original. But this means the game runs at a higher FPS as it was easier to render at lower pixel counts.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor graphics settings 1
Settings options in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, source: BGFG

Why doesn’t Star Wars Jedi Survivor have DLSS?

Star Wars Jedi Survivor doesn’t have DLSS most likely because the game has an AMD sponsorship. This means that it’s not going to include features just available to Nvidia graphics cards. As this wouldn’t exactly benefit its own Radeon cards.

Instead, the game has AMD’s upscaling technology. With AMD FSR 2 implemented in the game, you can get the same sort of benefits. It works on the same basis but without the use of AI in upscaling, and as such it is available on a wider range of hardware rather than just Nvida’s but might not look as good.

Will Star Wars Jedi Survivor get DLSS?

With the AMD partnership, it’s unlikely the game will get DLSS. This means the game won’t take advantage of the hardware available on RTX GPUs. But you can still use AMDs FidelityFX Super Resolution instead. Which still is capable of doing the same.

Is AMD FSR the same as DLSS?

AMD’s FSR and Nvidia’s DLSS both aim to achieve the same task but do so in slightly different ways. They are both features that aim to increase the FPS of your game. And to achieve this, they render the game at a lower resolution than what are you playing at. But then upscale it to your display and apply filters to it to make it look better as the quality would drop down. The main difference is that Nvidia uses AI to fix the image, which limits what hardware you can use it on but tends to improve the look.

Does Star Wars Jedi Survivor have DLSS: Final word

In conclusion, while Star Wars Jedi Survivor has received negative reviews due to its performance issues, there are still options available to improve the gameplay experience. DLSS, a feature that can enhance the game’s performance by running it at a lower resolution and upscaling it with AI, is not available in this game due to its partnership with AMD.

However, players can still use AMD’s FSR technology to achieve similar results. While FSR may not look as good as DLSS, it is available on a wider range of hardware. Therefore, if you are experiencing performance issues in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, consider using AMD FSR or other performance-enhancing options available in the game’s settings.

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