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Does Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Have Photo Mode? Yes, here’s how to use it

Updated: Apr 29, 2023 8:56 am

Does Star Wars: Jedi Survivor have Photo Mode? Star Wars Jedi Survivor is the newest Star Wars game that is fans of the series will get their hands on. Photo Mode is all the craze now within games, and fans of the Star Wars games are wondering whether this feature will be brought onto this years’ game, Jedi Survivor.

To keep you up to date, photo mode in video games consists of the functional feature that allows gamers to take screenshots of the in-game world. It’s a great feature to capture stills of beautiful and aesthetic games for memories to share for yourself, or with your friends too. Now knowing this, it’s no surprise that fans of Star Wars want Photo Mode within the game, and how can you blame us! Star Wars is an incredible and beautiful game that with Photo Mode, can capture the true essence of the galactic world we’ve been missing!

Does Jedi Survivor Have Photo Mode?

Yes! Star Wars: Jedi Survivor will have Photo Mode. For us Star Wars fans, this is particularly relieving to hear. Fallen Order’s photo mode was excellent and it seems that the community agree with this too, so the news of it coming to Jedi Survivor is all the buzz right now.

How to use Jedi Survivor photo mode

Now let’s tackle how to use photo mode in Jedi Survivor, and luckily this is a feature that is accessible to use right away! Here are some quick and easy steps to use Photo Mode in Jedi Survivor:

  • Pause the game in Jedi Survivor
  • Press triangle on PS5 or Y button on Xbox
  • Photo Mode should now be activated
  • Use L2 and R2 on PlayStation or LT and RT on Xbox to adjust the height of the camera
  • You can also push the right control stick to reset the camera
  • Press Triangle or Y Button again to hide the Photo Mode UI
  • Take your shot and share with your friends!
Character in jedi survivor posing for photo mode in large area
Photo Mode is as simple as ABC in Jedi Survivor (Credit: WePC)

When you’re done with Photo Mode, simply hit Circle (or B button on Xbox) to exit out to the pause menu – from here you can jump back into the action of Jedi Survivor, simple as that. Ultrawide screenshots will be accessible for PC players too which have fans of the game excited under their Twitter post with integrations such as Photo Mode becoming native across ultrawide.

Jedi Survivor photo mode tips

If you’re finding it hard to get a great picture, we advise breaking down what it is you want to get. Combat is frequent in the game, but some naturally epic moments occur during boss battles. For quick, dramatic pictures we advise starting their first – this will help you get the hang of the mechanic. In time, we advise revisiting all of the planets in the game and finding the natural vistas. Our favourite of the bunch would be the bright Coruscant planet – which, so long as the game is patched and HDR works effectively, can be used to create stunning landscape and battle photos.


Is photo mode important in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

It depends, for people who enjoy capturing content and stills of their favourite games, Photo Mode may be one of the most important aspects of the game.

Is ray tracing in Jedi Survivor photo mode?

Yes, in photo mode the ray tracing effects can be used to create stunning-looking images.

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