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Doom Eternal Console Commands – Cheat Codes & More in 2023

Updated: Jan 13, 2023 10:28 am
Doom Eternal Console Commands – Cheat Codes & More in 2023

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Doom Eternal was an excellent follow-up to the 2016 FPS game that gave us our first taste of proper Doom action since the late 90s. Not only did this release greatly expand on the moves from the last game, but it’s even bigger, even gorier, and even more brutal than ever before. With that in mind, have you ever considered trying out some of the game’s console commands to improve your chances of survival?

Doom Eternal console commands are about as classic as they come, featuring everything from God mode to a command that’ll give you every weapon and item in the game and a lot more besides. Read on to discover how you can unlock this slice of infernal pie with the best console commands for Doom Eternal.

How to Unlock the Console Commands

By default, you’ll already have access to the console when you press the key under Escape, but you’ll find that most of the fun commands are actually still restricted. To get the juicy stuff unlocked you’ll have to use the EternalModInjector to unlock developer commands in the console. Download the injector from the link, then unzip it inside your Doom Eternal folder. Install some mods if you want, then just run EternalModInjector.exe and click ‘Run Mod Injector’ to unlock the dev commands.

Doom Eternal Useful Console Commands

While most of the commands you can use in Doom Eternal are of the classical variety (i.e. cheating), there are a few that are generally pretty useful for you as you’re going through the game. We’ve featured a couple of the most important ones here, but you can find the bulk of your fun to be had in the next section.

Command EffectConsole Command
Lists all available console commandslistcmds
Lists all available console variableslistcvars
Allows you to bind [command] to [key name]bind [key name] [command]
Unbinds a console command from [key name]unbind [key name]

Binding Commands to Keys

Since this could be a bit confusing, we thought that we’d break down how binding commands works in Doom Eternal. The command part is pretty obvious, just put whatever command you want to happen in there, but for keys, you’ll have to just guess. At the very least, most keys are self-explanatory, like Del for delete, Tab for tab, etc. We’ve given an example here so you can figure out how it works. The code below will bind god mode to F1:

bind f1 god

Doom Eternal Cheat Console Commands

Once you’ve got the hang of key-binding and you’ve looked through all of the available commands, you can use these commands to have a little fun. Almost everything here will completely alter your gameplay experience, and in some cases might actually corrupt your saves, so make sure you’ve backed them up before typing in any of these commands.

Command EffectConsole Command
Makes you immortal (must be applied each level)god
Activates noclip modenoclip
Makes everything explode in gory chunksgibalicious
Takes away all of your inventory itemsremoveinventoryitem
Kills the playerkill
Gives you 99 extra livesg_giveExtraLives 99
Gives you infinite ammog_infiniteAmmo 1
Gives you everything in the game (Weapons, Runes, etc)give all
Sets everything in the game to 5 times speedtimescale 5
Sets everything in the game back to normal speedtimescale 1

How do you activate commands in Doom Eternal?

To activate commands and cheats in doom eternal, you need to head to the Game Menu via Options.

On PlayStation, select the mission, and then press Square to open the Cheat Code Menu. Proceed to select your desired cheat and away you go.

The same steps apply if you are on PC.

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