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Dr Disrespect says Birds Eye Perk on Warzone 2 is “broken” & needs nerf

Is this the new meta?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023 2:21 pm
Dr Disrespect says Birds Eye Perk on Warzone 2 is “broken” & needs nerf

Live in stream, Dr Disrespect reveals to himself and unknowing players just how strong the Birds Eye Perk really is.

After a quick fix by Raven Software of the Ultimate Perks like High Alert, it looks like we might be in for another surprise, just as they have been fixed. In this hotfix, it seems that the true strength of Ultimate Perks has been realised by players, with one perk and one player in particular.

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Birds Eye Perk needs a nerf according to The Doc

The Birds Eye Perk’s capabilities were showcased in one Dr Disrespect stream after he decided to try out the Recon Perk Package after ZLaner explained how “broken” Birdseye is.

He subsequently confirms he “broken” it truly is. As ZLaner explains: “anyone on the map pops a UAV, you get a UAV.”

It’s then revealed to Dr Disrespect that there is currently no counter to Birdseye, and that not even Ghost keeps players safe. Is this, as he says, the game’s “worst bug to date”?

With Warzone 2 Season 2 on the way, it’s likely that Raven Software will be bringing a bunch of changes to the game, perhaps Birds Eye’s nerf is one of them. But in the mean time, is this the new meta?

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