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Will Shiro make a Dune Spice Wars console or mobile version?

It seems unlikely but there could be a non PC version of Dune Spice wars in a few years time.

Updated: Apr 28, 2022 5:19 pm
Dune Spice Wars console

Dune Spice Wars has arrived on the PC via Steam Early Access. Players are returning to Arrakis in an RTS setting for the first time in over 20 years. While PC players are playing and providing feedback to the devs, there are some who want to know if there is going to be a Dune Spice Wars console or mobile version. The official answer to that is “never say never”

Never say never to Dune Spice Wars console port

The developers Shiro Games and publishers Funcom published an FAQ a week before the EA launch. On that FAQ, the developers posted a message saying regarding a possible future Dune Spice Wars console or mobile version. It seems there is a possibility that Dune Spice Wars may get a console port someday, while a mobile version is almost 100% out of the question.

The FaQ told fans that making a 4X / RTS cross means there is a lot going on in-game, The game’s interface is plenty, with different menus for buildings, units, and general faction wide resources, along with trade, tech, diplomacy and other important panels. The reality is there would need to be a design overhaul for mobile, and that is something that Shiro and Funcom are currently unable to do with the game shipping to Early Access and still in active development.

As for the console, there is currently no controller support, and there are plenty of other gameplay features that need working to make the game the best it can be. However, when the game is in a much more stable and well-developed spot, it is something that Shiro Games and Funcom may consider, especially if there’s enough interest in a Dune Spice Wars console port.

Those interested in getting all the information on the Dune Spice Wars console and mobile FaQW can check out this link to Steam. For more content on Dune, you can check out our Dune hub.

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