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Dune Spice Wars’ multiplayer to be added during the Early Access version

There is still plenty of work to be done on Dune Spice Wars before multiplayer is ready.

Updated: Apr 26, 2022 5:02 pm
Dune Spice Wars Multiplayer

Dune Spice Wars‘ early access launch has arrived, and some may have noticed there is a greyed out multiplayer option on the main menu. The good news is that Dune Spice Wars is going to become a multiplayer game, but it is not as of the immediate early access launch.

What we know so far on Dune Spice Wars’s multiplayer

Based on a community FAQ just before launch, it appears multiplayer is a top priority post-EA launch. In the FAQ, Shiro Games and Funcom’s official line on it is: “We expect it to be early during the Early Access, but this will depend on the feedback we get from the community. We will have fine-tuning to do as well as new features to add, and we’ll prioritise all this shortly after the EA release.”

In addition, a press release sent regarding the game’s launch states that multiplayer is one of the features they are going to work on more post EA launch. Therefore, players shouldn’t have to wait all too long for the feature to be included. If more players want tit, then communicate with Funcom and Shiro Games in the game’s community forums and let your voice heard how early you want it, or later if there are more pressing matters.

If you have played a campaign yet, you may have noticed there is a significant lack of game modes. At the moment, there are no team modes, only the map size and AI difficulty can be adjusted. You can also only have one of each faction. So, how that works for a multiplayer game remains to be seen and likely indicates more work is needed before it can properly launch.

On the subject of Dune Spice Wars multiplayer, Shiro and Funcom are considering competitive PvP games. However, that is for the game’s community to decide how big or even if it is a priority for early access development. If you’re into your competitive games, let the devs know so they can consider it once again. Shiro has a history of making competitive modes in RTS, as Northgard has a Ranked PVP mode for players to participate in if they so wish, fitted with rewards for different ranks. So, if it does get added, you could see some crossover with Northgard.

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