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Dying Light 2 Prologue: Collectibles, walkthrough, easter eggs

Here is a guide to the Dying Light 2 Prologue

Updated: Feb 4, 2022 10:48 am
Dying Light 2 Prologue: Collectibles, walkthrough, easter eggs

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So you have started Dying Light 2, and you’re in the prologue. Perhaps you’re here because you want a handy walkthrough? Maybe you’re here because you fancy getting some collectables or seeing some easter eggs? Well, either way, here is our Dying Light 2 Prologue guide, showing you all the three factors so you can get the most out of the game’s prologue period.

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Dying Light 2 Prologue Walkthrough

Okay, so here is a Dying Light 2 prologue walkthrough. Expect this section of the game to take roughly two to three hours to complete. Once you complete it, you can unlock coop, but you first need to learn how to play the game.

When you make a new save, you will open up in a cinematic, of your character, Aiden, fleeing some zombies in a tunnel. You will escape them, and meet Spike. Together, you walk into a mansion and have chat about the world and what you’re both up to. You work out why you are here in the mansion, as he knows someone inside the last remaining city that has the information you want. Here, Spike teaches you a bit about blueprints, how to heal and the very basics of parkour.

To get to the contact, you’ll need to parkour to a radio tower and speak to the contact over the radio. But, first, you need to activate a generator and set up power to the radio building. Expect to fight a Banshee, one of the special infected and a few biters before you get in.

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After the conversation on top of the mansion, you will head to the city, parkouring through collapsed motorways, jumping into lakes, and eventually into a subway line. You will try to meet this contact in this subway line, not before getting bit by a Volatile.

After getting bit, you’ll then need to find out what happened to your contact. Follow his lead using the quest marker, and then you’ll rescue him from some Renegades. Here you’ll learn more about riposting enemies at the right time, blocking, and then parkour combat. This serves as a tutorial, and you won’t die if you mess up. Once the enemies are defeated, you get the GRE Key, a key item (excuse the pun) that plays a pivotal role in the main story and the side quests. You will then have to hide in a vent, where you meet the antagonist of the game Waltz who wants the key you just got.

After that, you gotta run and flee the Renegades and get to the city.

Part B

Dying Light 2 Blocking tutorial
Here is an example of the blocking tutorial.

When you get to the city, you’ll get to cinematic, and begin to turn. People don’t like this, and as such, you get a noose around your head. It’s all about to go wrong until a man named Hakan saves you. He is the one which stabilizes you using a medical tool called Inhibitors. Inhibitors are key to character progression in the game. Hakan also wants to take you to a few locations you can get up to speed in the city. Expect to go on some nighttime chases, meet characters, and learn more about the city in that time.

Eventually, you’ll get brought to the hospital, which is where you properly learn about Inhibitors, stealth, lockpicking and more. Follow the quest markers and Hakan’s lead, and you will complete the missions fine. There are some bits you need to learn stealth patterns to avoid some of moving infected in the hospital, but you can dodge them using stealth spots under tables.

Once you finish the objectives, you’ll then get a biomarker, which indicates you are about to turn You then need to parkour over zombies at full speed before the infection takes you. You will then make it into the sunlight and survive the ordeal. After that, Hakan gives you a spare pair of binoculars, which you can scout the area with. You will then unlock the open world and complete the tutorial.

Dying Light 2 Pro Logue collectables and Easter Eggs

Dying Light 2 prologue collectible
You can find a collectable in this church.

The Dying Light 2 prologue in Dying Light 2 is filled with collectables and easter eggs. Most of which are in the mansion at the very start of the prologue. You can find newspaper reports and photographs of before the fall in the mansion, which goes into your collectables tab. You can also see references to Kyle Crane during the mansion’s dialogue and a vinyl of who do you Voodoo, which is the Dead Island theme tune. There’s also a Dying Light theme tune piano if you wait around in the mansion’s interactable room long enough.

Also, there is a bible that you can get from the abandoned church as you arrive on the outskirts of the city. There is a bible on the alter you can get, with the words God is dead on the wall written in blood.

And this concludes our Dying Light 2 Prologue walkthrough. Hope this helps you get into the swing of things.

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