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Will Dying Light 2 have coop or multiplayer?

Here is everything publicly available on the Dying Light 2 coop mode

Updated: Jan 27, 2022 2:56 pm
Will Dying light 2 have coop

Dying Light 2 is the successor to the hugely successful zombie RPG filled with parkour mechanics. In the first game, players got the chance to play their save in coop, going through the game with their friends in drop-in and drop out story, with a Be the Zombie Mode to invade other players games with. The variety of modes is something that Techland want to add back into Dying Light 2 to make it just as fun as it always was. The purpose of this article will be to address questions, such as will Dying Light 2 have a co-op mode?

Will Dying Light 2 have coop?

So, the question is, will Dying Light 2 have coop or multiplayer? The answer to that is yes, with the details and functionality changing somewhat from the first game. When the Dying Light 2 release date arrives, players will be able to use the four player coop from day one. This is the same as Dying Light 1, which had four players doing their thing and playing through the game. However, this game very much features player-made decisions, which affect how the game is supposed to play. To compensate for decision-making, there will be a vote option, in which members of the game can vote for their options. However, the player host will have the ultimate deciding power on what decisions are made, since it is their game save after all.

The Dying Light 2 coop voting feature offers players a chance to discuss the progress of a save. It means players can play democratically if they want to, or they can argue and bicker over what is the right call to make.

Techland revealed this information in an interview with OniZombie on YouTube if you’re interested in giving it a watch for yourself.

Moreso, any player who joins a multiplayer session, can bring items to and from their game saves. Any time they acquire through another person’s save will go back to their save with those items too and vice versa. It is also worth mentioning the decisions made on another person’s save will not affect your own save’s decision making progression.

It is also worth mentioning that the Dying Light 2 coop will need to be played on the same platform. Techland confirmed the other day that the only crossplay that will happen is across Steam and Epic Games. There is a chance this will become available in the future, but there are no plans to add it for launch.

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