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Elden Ring Beta sign up now to play

Bandai Namco reveal the upcoming Elden Ring beta test you can sign up for.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:29 pm
Elden Ring Beta sign up now to play

Bandai Namco has announced that Elden Ring is getting an official beta test period in November. Those that want to try the popular upcoming spiritual successor of the Souls series can sign up and pray to their god(s) they get access to the forthcoming Elden Ring beta this November.

How to sign up for the Elden Ring beta?

The Elden Ring beta is titled the Elden Ring Closed Network Test Subscription. All it means is that it is a closed beta, which you need to register to here. The point of the beta is to let select people in that will give feedback on the game. The game is currently still in development, with a few months left before it ships. So, if you’re a fan of the Dark Souls series or perhaps love the souls like genre. Then this is your charge to shape the next big hit.

Interested? Well, all you need to do is head over to the official Elden Ring beta page, which you can find here. Once on the page, you can sign up for the Elden Ring beta by clicking on the ‘login or create an account’ button. Once your account is set up or logged in, you will get a new page prompting what platform you want to play on. The game is available on Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The page will also ask questions regarding what Dark Souls games. Or Bandai Namco games have you heard of or played before. Click on all the options you feel are viable to you, and then press ‘validate’ to confirm your entry. Bandai Namco will contact you if you are successful via email in the near future.

Elden Ring beta times

When the Elden Ring Closed Network Test kicks off, you can expect to play the Elden Ring beta through several play sessions. Here are the timeless the beta goes live.

  • 12 pm – 3 pm, November 12th 2021 CET (6 am ET, 3 am PT for the US gamers out there).
  • 4 am – 7 am, November 13th 2021 CET (10 pm ET, 7 pm PT November 12).
  • 8 pm – 11 pm, November 13th 2021 CET (2 pm ET, 11 am PT).
  • 12 pm – 3 pm, November 14th 2021 CET (6 am ET 3 am PT).
  • 4 am – 7 am, November 15th 2021 CET (10 pm ET, 7 pm PT November 14).

The times of the play sessions are entirely global, and each play session is on at a different time. In theory, the closed beta should let you play the game at an appropriate enough time for you.

Also, it appears that some of the beta footage was leaked earlier today on last-gen consoles. If you want a quick look at what you could expect from the Elden Ring Closed Network Test, then head over to the leaked footage article here. Furthermore, the beta test is to get fans interested in the game, especially since Bandai Namco announced Elden Ring is delayed till February.

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